Akari signs Justine Jazareno

Sep 24, 2023

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MANILA, Philippines – The volleyball community has experienced exhilaration as well as a sense of loss following the recent announcement of Justine Jazareno’s departure to PVL newcomer Akari. Jazareno is renowned for her extraordinary abilities and contributions to the triumph of her team. She is the star libero for the UAAP champion DLSU Lady Spikers. Her choice to sign up with Akari is accompanied by a rush of trepidation and concerns about her future in the sport.

Jazareno’s addition to Akari’s roster adds yet another level of talent to their already impressive group. The Akari team includes well-known athletes including Dindin Santiago-Manabat, Faith Nisperos, Bang Pineda, and Fifi Sharma. They are preparing to participate in the upcoming PVL together, and their combined tenacity is anticipated to change the nature of the competition.

But despite all the excitement, there’s a real issue. After a spectacular season with the Lady Spikers, DLSU fans had hoped for Jazareno’s comeback to defend their crown in Season 86 of the UAAP. They demonstrated their tenacity and talent by defeating the defending champions, NU, throughout that season. That achievement would not have been possible without Jazareno, and her absence will definitely be felt.

Jazareno’s choice is more significant to her than just receiving honors in sports. She carries the unwavering Animo spirit that distinguishes DLSU athletes. This spirit is characterized by tenacity, fortitude, and a dedication to excellence on and off the court. Although her absence from the lineup of DLSU may create a hole, her legacy and the principles she upholds will continue to motivate her former teammates and the entire DLSU community.

Player transfers are a typical occurrence in the world of sports, spurred by a variety of causes such professional opportunity, personal growth, and new challenges. The fact that Justine Jazareno moved to Akari shows that she is ready to try new things and support the success of her new team. It also emphasizes the competitive volleyball scene in the Philippines, where talent is always moving about and influencing the sport’s dynamics.

Fans can only hope that Jazareno will continue to excel and have a huge influence as she begins this next phase of her volleyball career, just like she did with DLSU. Her experience with Akari offers room for improvement and further progress, and her commitment to the game guarantees that she will continue to be a tough opponent on the volleyball court.

The Akari Chargers may be able to achieve greater heights because of her skills. This year, they have employed a recruitment campaign that can only be described as aggressive. They showed their dedication to putting together a club that blends youthful exuberance with unwavering character and championship experience by recruiting players like Faith Nisperos and Fifi Sharma before signing Jazareno. The elements of a winning formula are present in this combination of new and seasoned athletes.

Jazareno’s eyes light up with joy when she is asked about her business endeavors with Akari.

It can be intimidating to start over, but for Jazareno, this chapter marks a welcome shift away from her familiar surroundings.

More PVL rookies who will excel in the professional levels are expected to emerge, and fans can’t wait to see them. Jazareno, however, is not saying goodbye to her La Sallian roots; rather, she is saying “see you later” as she begins this new chapter.

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