Akari scores her first victory and defeats Gerflor in five

Jul 19, 2023

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MANILA, Philippines – The Power Chargers defeated the Defenders at the conclusion of the Premier Volleyball League Invitational Conference semifinals on Tuesday at the Philsports Arena in Pasig, fighting for nothing more than a victory and their pride. Akari and Gerflor set the tone for a day filled with knockout matches.

Despite blowing a sizable lead in the fourth set, Akari came back to win the match in the decider. The Defenders’ spate of errors in the final few points, including an errant serve from Aly Bertolano and a wide cross-court shot from Justine Dorog, nearly gave Akari the hard-earned victory.

The Defenders, who have a combination of seasoned campaigners and valued rookies, are anticipated to learn from the experience and contend the following season. Gerflor finished its inaugural season in the league run by Sports Vision without a victory in four games.

They actually increased the likelihood of a breakthrough victory by coming back from 16 to 21 down in the fourth to force extra time before grabbing the victory after blowing their chance in the previous frame by the same means. They overcame two-point deficits twice in the decider, the last time at 11 to 13 on a Bertolano serve blunder and the most recent at 12 to 13 on a Dorog through-the-block hit.

The Cool Smashers undoubtedly put on a strong performance in the match. Faith Nisperos, a sensational rookie, demonstrated her abilities and made a huge contribution throughout the game. The team’s success benefited greatly from Dindin Manabat’s leadership and direction. Their achievement was also greatly aided by the dependable assistance of Eli Soyud, Janine Marciano, Princess Madrigal, and Trisha Genesis. Their combined efforts and contributions are deserving of praise.

Souza de Brito and Nisperos, who were both standouts at the Ateneo and in college, respectively, are still in the early phases of their careers and still have space for development. Although they have shown talent and potential, they understand that more work needs to be done before they can compete at the level they would like to.

Dindin Manabat gave a terrific performance and contributed 17 essential points to the Cool Smashers’ triumph, showcasing her breadth of knowledge and abilities. Her presence on the floor gave the group stability and leadership. Janine Marciano and Princess Madrigal both contributed eight points, while Eli Soyud’s nine points boosted the team’s offensive prowess. With her seven points, Trisha Genesis significantly improved the team’s performance.

Alyssa Bertolano of the Defenders, who was on the other team, stood out for her squad with an excellent 14-point performance. Throughout the entire game, her ability and persistence on the court were obvious. Ranya Musa had a huge impact as well, giving the Defenders’ score 13 points. Each of the three additional scorers—Rap Aguilar, Ivy Perez, and Janine Navarro—added nine points, demonstrating their attacking skills. Ivy Perez and Justine Dorog both finished the game with seven points, making significant contributions to the team’s performance.

Both teams gave it their best on the court in the very competitive match between the Cool Smashers and the Defenders. The excitement and intensity of the game were increased by the individual performances of players on both sides. The Cool Smashers’ flawless coordination and teamwork, along with the individual skills of the Defenders, made for an exciting match for the spectators.

All of the players will keep developing and aiming for perfection on the court as the season goes on. They will try to hone their abilities, capitalize on their advantages, and hone the areas that require improvement. These athletes’ tenacity and commitment will be on full show as they strive to perform at the top of their abilities and support the success of their teams.

Overall, the contest demonstrated the talent, fervor, and competitiveness of the league’s athletes. As the season progresses, fans can anticipate more thrilling clashes in which each player will strive to reach new heights and put on standout performances.

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