After Chery Tiggo loses the Santiago sisters, Mylene Paat takes the challenge; Diego plans a deep rotation as F2 strives to prevent injury recurrence

Feb 2, 2023

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Chery Tiggo has undergone major changes over the Premier Volleyball League’s (PVL) season.

A previous PVL champion minus head coach Clarence Esteban, the Santiago sisters, Akari-bound Dindin, and Japan import Jaja must now rely on Chery Tiggo captain Mylene Paat to carry the load.

However, the 2022 PVL Reinforced Conference MVP sees change as inevitable and has come to accept the defeats.

Pauline Gaston, a newcomer, will fill the hole and champion coach Aaron Veles, but it will be Paat’s responsibility to keep Chery Tiggo in contention for the championship.

Paat is prepared and prefers to view Esteban and the Santiagos’ departure as a challenge rather than a setback.

As she would be assisting her teammates, Paat said that it would be a new task for her but that she is more excited than concerned about it.

Meanwhile, Coach Regine Diego is playing down pre-tournament speculation that the redesigned F2 Logistics will win the PVL All-Filipino Conference.

The Cargo Movers still need some time to get used to her system and get back into playing shape, according to the former National University head coach, who took over for Benson Bocboc at the beginning of this year.

Even though F2 recruited veterans Myla Pablo and Cha Cruz, Diego stated, in reality they cannot expect much from this team.

Coach Cruz-Behag, who is scheduled to make her comeback after a five-year absence from competitive volleyball, said, do not expect too much from individuals who are just starting again. Give them time to develop, to go back to their shape again, Coach Cruz-Behag spoke for Cha [Cruz].

Diego stated that avoiding more injuries is of utmost importance.

Since their entry into the professional world, The Cargo Movers have experienced health problems that have prevented them from participating in the 2021 Open Conference and left them understaffed when they returned to the 2022 Reinforced Conference.

Having Pablo and Chinnie Arroyo joining Kim Dy, Ivy Lacsina, and team captain Aby Marano, Diego intends to use every player as the refurbished Cargo Movers develop their synergy.

Majoy Baron, Elaine Kasilag, Iris Tonelada, CJ Saga, Shola Alvarez, and Jessma Ramos are further team reinforcements.

Coach explained that her goal for this conference is to just make everyone physically stronger. Diego hoped to get the most out of the talented team after Dawn Macandili, Kim Fajardo, and Ara Galang missed time and several others sat out matches in the previous tournament. No matter what she teaches the players, Diego said, you cannot translate it that much if their bodies are not that healthy.

Coach can guarantee that the girls will be completely healthy, but nobody can guarantee that they will be in peak condition. The team is doing its best to control what they can control for this conference and stop those injuries from happening again.

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