Ablaze with Kurashiki: Turning up the heat on Philippine Soil

Jul 27, 2023

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MANILA, Philippines – A historic event occurred during the 2023 Premier Volleyball League Invitational Conference when the Japanese volleyball team Kurashiki Ablaze played their first game ever in the Philippines. Two international teams, Kurashiki and Kinh Bac, were about to engage in an exciting matchup when the Philsports Arena in Pasig became nothing short of thrilling.

6,430 ardent volleyball enthusiasts from the boisterous Filipino crowd greeted the visiting Kurashiki team with fervor and excitement. The enthusiastic Filipino fans’ warm welcome to the Ablaze players clearly gave them new energy.

The Kurashiki against Kinh Bac match gave an extra level of excitement and intensity to the contest amid the crowd’s persistent support for the local teams playing for the championship, Creamline and Cignal.

Kurashiki’s head coach, Hideo Suzuki, couldn’t help but be inspired and astonished by the fervent support of the Filipino supporters. The enthusiastic crowd’s support and adulation left a lasting impression on the visiting team and demonstrated the sincere friendship and shared love of sport between the Philippines and Japan.

The Kurashiki players gave it their all on the field as the historic match progressed, showcasing their abilities and tenacity in an electrifying exhibition of volleyball ability. Both teams gave their best efforts in an effort to win, and the air became packed with anticipation and excitement.

The volleyball match between Kurashiki and Kinh Bac served as proof of volleyball’s allure across cultures and the ability of sports to promote understanding. The Philippines’ hosting of The Ablaze will undoubtedly go down in history as a moment of international cooperation and celebration of the sport’s capacity to bring people from all over the world together.

The legacy of this game will reverberate throughout the remainder of the Premier Volleyball League Invitational Conference, motivating upcoming generations of athletes and supporters to embrace good sportsmanship and the joy of unrestricted competition. The Ablaze’s experience in the Philippines made a lasting effect and reaffirmed the value of foreign partnerships in fostering volleyball’s expansion and worldwide presence.

The Japanese team began slowly and suffered a setback as they nearly lost the first set 25 to 23 despite not having any prior scouting information for Kinh Bac. The Ablaze didn’t falter, though. Tossing the balance in their favor and showcasing their full potential, they swiftly came together and modified their tactics for the second set.

Asaka Tamaru’s brilliant performance for Kurashiki during the game was the game’s high point. She displayed her exceptional talent with an outstanding 29 points, which were largely composed of 28 potent strikes. Yukino Yano, the team’s captain, was crucial to the team’s success, scoring 17 points in the process.

Additionally, libero Kaoru Takahashi’s outstanding defensive performance, which included securing 31 of 49 digs and providing eight top-notch receptions, was crucial. Through their combined efforts, Kurashiki prevented their opponents from receiving a single service ace.

The victory over Kinh Bac has prepared the field for Kurashiki’s upcoming match against Cignal, slated to take place on Monday at 4 p.m. at the same breathtaking location. Suzuki and his team are thrilled to once again feel the electrifying adrenaline of the roaring crowd as they get ready to play the four Filipino teams to round out their semifinal schedule.

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