ZETA DIVISION introduces their all-female roster in the VCT Shuffles

Aug 24, 2022

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Their career in Game Changers officially begins with the acquisition.

Game Changers, the circuit created for women and other underrepresented genders within the VALORANT esports ecosystem, has officially introduced ZETA DIVISION’s new lineup. After undergoing brand trials, the team signed 5 athletes. The Game Changer Championships in Berlin at the end of the year are a goal for the new lineup, which will compete in regional and international competitions.

In a tweet from ZETA DIVISION’s official twitter page:




この度、aco, Moco, romia, flappyの4名が加入する運びとなりました。

個性豊かな女性4名が加入し、suzuと共にVALORANT Game Changersをより一層盛り上げていきます🌸

📝Details https://zetadi.vision/3vi1TNS”

Tweet translates to:


 This time, four people, aco, Moco, romia, and flappy, will join.

 Four unique women will join us to make VALORANT Game Changers even more exciting with suzu 🌸 .

 📝 Details https://zetadi.vision/3vi1TNS”

*Tweet contains a photo*

According to ZETA:

“… (the) team has been established to create a diverse competition scene where everyone is given an equal opportunity to excel, utilizing the experience and knowledge of the VALORANT division, which has competed around the world.”

The roster will consist of:

  • suzu
  • aco (IGL)
  • Moco
  • Romic
  • Flappy

The team withheld the members’ full names as of this writing.

The team revealed some intriguing details about the new cast, such as Omen being Aco’s preferred agency and Moco rising to the rank of Predator in Apex Legends.

To earn a spot in the Champions at the conclusion of the year, the roster will compete in the forthcoming Game Changers Japan.

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