Who else will join the three teams who have already reserved playoff spots for the LPL Summer Split?

Aug 22, 2022

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Victory Five, JD Gaming, and Top Esports have all confirmed their playoff standings.

Top Esports, JD Gaming, and Victory Five have already qualified for the playoff round of the LPL Summer Split’s seventh week of games. It’s a sprint to the finish line to identify the seven teams who will advance to the next round with only three weeks left in the group stage. Several well-known LPL organizations, like Royal Never Give Up, EDward Gaming, and FunPlus Phoenix, are now engaged in a mid-table dogfight.

Weibo Gaming is now in fifth place, closely followed by RNG in fourth. While fending off EDG, who are in seventh place, Anyone’s Legend is comfortably maintaining its sixth-place position. With a significant advantage over the final two teams in the top 10, FPX and Oh My God, LNG Esports is ranked eighth. That still leaves seven additional teams competing to maintain their chances of winning the championship.

Who rules the LPL?

It is important to note that Top has gone 11 games without losing since their opening-day setback to JD, even though teams like Top and JD have already secured their spots in the playoff semifinals. They have played well for the majority of the group stage, winning crucial games against groups like EDG and RNG, to mention a couple. Despite finishing second behind RNG at the Spring Split, Top seems to have improved this season, demonstrating why they should not be disregarded. The team’s best player has been Zhuo “knight” Ding, who has won nine group stage MVP awards.

In a tweet from the official LPL page:



“A battle of champion oceans, 369 vs Rich is going to be a heated rematch from summer playoffs top 4! 

Don’t miss this battle for top seeding with 


 vs V5 at 13:00 CEST! 



Of course, JD is in second place and has won three additional games by scores of 2-1 as opposed to a 2-0 whitewash. JD is now enjoying a second consecutive five-game winning streak, with the lone exception being a 2-1 loss against FunPlus Phoenix. Even if this derailed their preparations for the split, JD is still in a good position to advance directly to the semifinals. They will need to win their next four games in order to stay ahead of Top. However, such opponents include V5, RNG, Weibo, and AL, four teams who are currently ranked in the top six in the LPL.

While playing ThunderTalk Gaming and LGD throughout the following two weeks, JD just has to contend with AL and V5 in the last week. As a result, Top has a far better chance of earning the top seed, which will provide them a significant psychological advantage in the playoffs’ latter rounds. All indications point to Top emerging victorious (pun very much intended), but JD could give them a run for their money.

In a tweet from the official LPL page:



“Diving ain’t no problem for this V5 squad! #LPL”

Don’t neglect V5, who this season seems to have slipped in unnoticed. Within the first five weeks, they went on a nine-game winning streak that featured triumphs over RNG, EDG, and FPX. Unfortunately, Weibo immediately cut it off, but V5 still achieved excellent results. V5 has a chance to cause major havoc and may very well finish as the top seed because they still have to play the top two teams.

Potential upsets

RNG is a squad that you shouldn’t rule out, especially as the group stage draws to a close. It will be crucial for RNG to win the series 2-0 to provide more drama to the LPL because a crucial match versus JD is coming up soon. Weibo, which is presently in fourth place, also has a series against JD the next week, which will increase the pressure on the top group to perform well.

RNG, though, has never really been seen as a squad that dominates the group stage. The playoff stage is typically when they truly come to life because that is when it matters the most. Given their championship points total, the MSI winners will still have a chance to compete in the LPL Regional Finals even if they were to lose the Summer Split championship.

In a tweet from the official LPL page:



“The Casters couldn’t Breathe when he stole this Baron! #LPL”

Even if EDG’s season has not gone as they had hoped after winning the World Championship the previous year, they will be relieved to learn that their playoff spot is all but certain. However, this is assuming they don’t lose any games to opposition like Rare Atom and Team WE, two groups who have struggled mightily this year. Even though they face challenging opponents in AL and LNG, EDG has a good chance of finishing in the top six if they score all possible points.

With only a few weeks of games remaining before the playoffs, the LPL Summer Split is slowly coming to an end. There are two games each day, so be sure to watch them both to stay up to date on the action!

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