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When Facing Todak, Omega Esports Falters and Drops to a Lower Bracket

Jun 28, 2022

Omega Esports will get the opportunity to display their renowned last-second heroics on Day 1 of the MSC 2022 playoffs as it is PLAYOFF time.

However, they were unsuccessful as Omega Esports lost to Todak in a hard-fought match 2-1, dropping the reigning champions to the lower bracket.

Todak’s methodical plays in dissecting the Philippine team were what made the series what it was.

Todak wins Game 1 thanks to a strong squad.

Todak chose a roster for Game 1 that had an aggressive frontline combination of Barats, Uranus, and Rafaela that worked flawlessly with their Xavier and Beatrix selections. Even the iconic heroes from Omega were forbidden.

Their strategy was successful because they took advantage of Omega’s location within the chokepoints. Omega lost most battles because Zikry “Moon” Bin Shamsuddin’s Xavier frequently used his ultimate. The frontliners and the Beatrix from Todak were able to burst down the main damage option from Barangay Omega because of him being able to land his abilities on Duane “Kelra” Pillas.

Renz Errol “Renzio” Cadua would try to follow up on Joshua “Ch4knu” Mangilog’s attempts to set up plays, but Todak’s backlines were given so much room to engage that they were able to eventually defeat the comeback kings of the MLBB scene.

Todak’s subpar performance is penalized by Omega’s spectacular play.

Todak had the advantage going into Game 2 after winning Game 1. Todak appeared to be the side that would defeat Omega Esports early on and knock them out of the competition.

As Todak’s Muhammad “Ciku” Danial’s Beatrix won crucial kills, the pieces were coming into place for Omega. Then, as a result of Abd “YumS” Qayyum’s timely setups and Wan “4Meyz” Woman’s frontal attacks, Omega began to deteriorate.

As they were able to understand Omega’s counterattacks, Todak was also able to deconstruct Omega methodically.

Everything appeared to be working in the Malaysian Swordfish’s favor until a botched setup in the 21st minute.

YumS believed he could set up a play, but Omega’s clutch plays left his teammates scrambling for cover. The floodgates were opened when Kelra, Dean Christian “Raizen” Samagui, and Patrick James “E2MAX” Caidic led the charge and Omega’s famous comeback antics after Renzio eliminated a significant danger.

When Omega won Game 2, it was a prime example of their grit-and-grind heroics.

Todak atones for Game 2’s defeat

A furious Todak determined to deliver the decisive punch at the outset of the game after the disastrous 21st minute in Game 2. They punished Omega with their starting lineup in the early going.

While E2MAX attempted to burst down the Moon, Ch4knu was able to land his setups with his Atlas. However, their efforts were ineffective because Omega’s late game composition was unable to deal any damage.

And Todak struck the decisive blow and ensured their upper bracket run with a solid counterattacking game from 4Meyz’s Masha and the heroics from YumS.

The loser of that series will compete against Omega Esports in the lower bracket, and they’ll be waiting for the winner between RRQ Hoshi and EVOS SG.

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