What You Need to Know Regarding Pearl, the Newest Map From Valorant

Jul 1, 2022

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A NEW map for VALORANT is being made available by Riot Games NINE MONTHS after Fracture made its debut.

On July 22, just after VALORANT’s second birthday, Pearl, as this new place is known, will be made available to the public. The game’s Omega World, the initial alternate earth of the VALORANT cosmos, is shown on Pearl as the game’s first official map.

Because it’s so awesome, the Spin.ph team is eager for everyone to try out the new map, which was made available to us in an early access build.

Portugal is in this. sorry, Pearl

We will finally be able to visit the bizarre and magnificent Omega Earth where the agents of VALORANT are genuine superstars thanks to the explosion that took place in Fracture that opened up the multiverses. First stop: Dia do Santuário, a magnificent underwater city!

With prominent Portuguese-themed architecture and art, Pearl is a lively and colorful map. The coordinates for Pearl’s loading screen are the same as those for any VALORANT map. Libson, Portugal’s shoreline is where Pearl’s coordinates place the undersea metropolis.

The map seems to be on the larger side, similar to Breeze, from a gameplay perspective. However, Pearl is a small, convoluted map with several crevices and nooks, unlike Breeze, which has a lot of open space. In the most recent VALORANT movie, the comic book store was even mentioned.

As players move throughout the area, they must check so many corners, making Pearl seem like a lurker’s paradise. For all of you rats out there, the map also includes a little sewer region where you can skulk around. Pearl will undoubtedly be a ton of fun for all Judge users.

If players try to force their way through the map, much of the action will probably happen in places like the long B lane or the A to B connector, which have a clear bottleneck.

In conclusion, Pearl appears to be a very attractive location with a majority of confined spaces and few open lanes. This could quickly replace Split in the rotation of maps as Phantom users’ favorite map.

However, what the general public and the profession will think of Pearl at this point is uncertain. Before the verdict is known, players will need to do a thorough deep dive into Pearl. However, it will be entertaining to see how the experts approach this map. However, as of this writing, Masters 2 will still feature Split rather than Pearl, so we’ll have to wait a little longer to find out. Pearl’s appearance in Champions later this year will undoubtedly generate buzz.

On June 23, 2022, Pearl will become accessible on SEA servers.

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