VCT 2022: FunPlus Phoenix joins Paper Rex as a Grand Finalist from Masters Copenhagen

Aug 8, 2022

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To get to the Grand Final match against the team from APAC, they defeated OpTic Gaming.

As the second team to go to the Grand Final of Masters Copenhagen thanks to their victory over OpTic Gaming, FunPlus Phoenix seemed to be on a path to redemption. FPX will seek to demonstrate that they are among the elite teams in the community as one of the teams that advanced from the group stage.

After losing to Fnatic in the Upper Bracket quarterfinals, FPX sped through the Lower Brackets with win after win until they faced off against the team once more in the Semi-finals, where they triumphed 2-1.

In a tweet from VALORANT Champions Tour [🇩🇰]:

VALORANT Champions Tour [🇩🇰]



@FPX_Esports advance to the Grand Final. #VALORANTMasters #FPXWIN”

They ran into OpTic Gaming in the Lower Bracket Finals, who had just defeated Paper Rex in the Upper Bracket Final. The North American squad had no chance to properly take the lead in the matches after FPX handily defeated them on the first two maps, Split and Icebox. OpTic ultimately seized the opportunity to take the lead when they won the game 13-6 on the third map, Bind.

But given how near the competition is to its conclusion, FPX seems unwilling to give up the chance to compete in the Grand Final. They gained momentum as a result, destroyed OpTic in both halves of the fourth map, and ultimately won the game 13-7.

The team will relish making it to the Grand Final in Copenhagen after missing out on the previous Masters in Rekjyavik. In order to determine who will win the APAC vs. EMEA finals and take home the Masters Copenhagen trophy, FPX will now meet with Paper Rex.

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