Valorant Youtuber Selflo commits suicide

Aug 11, 2022

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SeLFlo, a 23-year-old YouTuber and creator of Valorant content, committed suicide on the morning of July 21 after battling depression for a number of years.

The student from the Information Technology and Management (IITM) Gwalior program, who was from Telangana, India, apparently committed himself by jumping from the top of his Hyderabad apartment building.

SeLFlo published a suicide note on his YouTube account before he passed away; the video has since been taken down. Additionally, he published a Tweet outlining his thoughts and everything that had happened to him over the previous few years to get to this point.

Valorous Streamer SeLFlo Writes an Emotional Letter

In the note, he said he is aware that, tragically, few people will remember him after he passes away. He said that he has logically concluded that he is a news channel rather than a person. “No face but a voice, who loved to interact with the community and who genuinely cared about the community and not like other channels, who wanted to have a better life for the past 5+ years but couldn’t,” the note continues.

His original video is no longer accessible on YouTube, but some other people have uploaded copies of it that are still viewable on the platform.

WestJett, another well-known Valorant content maker, had made an effort to throw light on the situation and encouraged people to notify the authorities, but it was already too late at that point.

On July 21, 2022, SoaR WestJett (@westjett1) tweeted his worry as he drew attention to the worrisome video:

“A fellow valo content creator has posted a very alarming “final” video and tweet talking about dark topics TW (suicide). If anybody is in the Mumbai area I urge you to contact authorities. Mental health is incredibly important and I genuinely hope he’s ok.”

In a subsequent YouTube video, WestJett continued to spread awareness about mental health by discussing some of the options that individuals may access if they were experiencing depression or other mental health issues.

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