Valorant Shuffles: T1 Welcomes Munchkin to Their Valorant Team

Jun 29, 2022

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The acquisition of Munchkin is a part of the team’s roster shuffle for this year.

The majority of teams are currently competing in the regional Stage 2 Challengers to earn a spot in the Masters Copenhagen tournament, but some teams are beginning to make plans for the Last Chance Qualifiers, which are, as the name implies, the teams’ final opportunity to earn a spot in the Champions Istanbul tournament at the end of the year.

In a tweet by T1’s official twitter page:




@MUNCHKING_: Professional VALORANT for T1″

“Watch the hypeeee:”

“Huge shoutout to our freelancer, @IKURAOC for 

creating this video. Go check it out”

“#T1WIN #T1VALORANT #TogetherAs1”

As a result of their absence from the current Stage 2 qualifiers, T1 is making a number of adjustments to their VALORANT squad. They have said that they would instantly add South Korean player Sang-beom “Munchkin” Byeon to the lineup.

The squad needed to strengthen its ranks as the LCQ is just around the corner in a few months, so the signing is significant for them.

Munchkin has spent the last year with Crazy Raccoon after spending the previous two years with Cloud9 Korea, but has yet to make a significant impact on the scene. Munchkin has been with the team as they qualified for Masters Reykjavik, Masters Berlin, and Champions Berlin so he can at least help the team reach higher levels. Raccoon’s highest finish with him on the team was 11th at Masters Berlin 2021.

In a tweet by T1 Munchkin:

T1 Munchkin


“We are back together C9 KR family

It took 2 years for NA to come back.

It’s time for me”

Along with acquiring Munchkin, T1 also acquired Seon-ho “xeta” Son and Autumn from Cloud9 to serve as their new head coaches, trading Rahul “curry” Nemani to the opposing side in the process. Munchkin will work out with the group as they get ready for the LCQ, which will take place in August.

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