VALORANT is witnessing a major exodus

Aug 10, 2022

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The planned VALORANT franchising scheme is one of the contributing elements.

In the aftermath of Masters Copenhagen, a quiet has taken hold in the neighborhood. However, for other people, now is the time to make new goals, which may entail quitting the game altogether. Some of the lower-tier teams have indicated plans to leave the game as a result of Riot Games’ installation of the franchising and partnership structure in VALORANT, even though none of the bigger teams have made any exit announcements.

The teams from the well-known tactical shooter from Riot Games are listed below.

23 July 2022

Complexity announced on social media that they would shortly be leaving VALORANT. They point to the brand’s refusal to move on to the following phase of the VALORANT Partnership Program. The group is disappointed that their application was turned down.

While the primary men’s roster will be removed from the game, the brand is still participating in the Game Changers via Complexity.GX3.

The brand will continue to keep an eye out for any opportunities to return to the major professional competition in the future.

In a tweet from Complexity’s official twitter page:



“Complexity’s Future in VALORANT”

The tweet contains a photo which contains Complexity’s statement:

23 July 2022

DarkZero has revealed via a social media post that they are quitting the game. The club wrote in the statement that they hoped the separation would only be temporary and that they would keep monitoring the environment once the league system got going.

In a tweet from DarkZero’s official twitter page:



21 July 2022

Their players claim that NYXL left VALORANT as a result of an oderus social media post. The team, formerly known as ANDBOX, was scheduled to compete against Version1 at the MEL Premiership S3 when the dissolution was made public a few hours before the match. Although the players are seeking for other teams, the squad hasn’t made a formal declaration, therefore it is all but obvious that they are no longer following VALORANT’s playbook.

In a tweet by oderus:



“With NYFU leaving @PlayVALORANT

 means I’ll be LFT. I have experience on every

role but prefer IGL/Sentinel. Thank you to @NYXL for being an incredible organization and hope nothing but the best for them.”

21 July 2022

The CEO of Akrew Esports, Daniel Luu, revealed on the team’s official Twitter that they will be temporarily retiring from competitive VALORANT due to their failure to advance to the next level of the VALORANT franchising application process. They claim to be unaware of how Tier-2 organizations will be handled once the new system is implemented. Daniel did mention that they might consider their options for returning to the scene once the sport becomes more established in the future.

In a tweet from Akrew’s official twitter page:



“Today, we announce our temporary leave from competitive Valorant.

Thank you to our boys @Gucc107, @jovahnii, @Neon76VAL, @PaincakesVAL, @zacklombardo, & @OfficialLinte.  


*The tweet includes a video*

16 July 2022

SoaR Gaming announced via their president Michael Maknojia that they will be temporarily leaving the competitive VALORANT scene because to the franchising system and concerns about Riot Games’ support for the Tier-2 teams and the space as a whole.

In a tweet from SoaR Gaming’s official twitter page:



“Today, we have made the difficult decision to exit competitive Valorant.”

*The tweet includes a video*

3 June 2022

The brand Luminosity announced on social media that it would be leaving VALORANT for the foreseeable future. Before determining their next move in the game in 2023, the team will be anticipating the framework of the game.

Shopify Rebellion is the current incarnation of the Luminosity roster.

In a tweet from Luminosity Gaming’s official twitter page:

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