The LCK Summer Split’s top five winners are shown below

Aug 8, 2022

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Since MSI 2022, a lot has changed in the meta.

The group stage matches for the LCK Summer Split are almost finished. Teams like Gen.G Esports and T1 are setting the bar for how the LCK should play consistently by leading by example. Despite the fact that the meta has already been altered after MSI 2022, it’s still intriguing to observe how the LCK has adjusted to it, especially with a few unexpected additions.

Whether in the pick or ban pool, players like Lucian, Wukong, and Corki have been a consistent presence in the LCK Summer Split. Of course, some have received bans considerably more frequently than others, more on that later. This split has seen even more appearances from Gnar and Zeri than the spring. Only the former has been a more reliable choice in the LCK despite the fact that Bel’Veth and Nilah are both introduced into professional bouts.

Here are the five champions who had an impact on the LCK Summer Split after that.


Gnar has reestablished himself in the top lane despite not being picked much throughout the Spring Split. It always benefited to have a versatile champion, and that is Gnar’s forte. Being the champion who has dominated the top lane with 72 games played and 25 additional bans, its popularity has recently surged. With 35 victories under his belt, it’s safe to assume Gnar is and will always be a solid choice for the top lane.

His adaptability makes him stand out in the top lane and enables you to react swiftly to game events. Gnar is great for numerous reasons, including his flexibility to switch between a tank, fighter, or even a heavy-push construct. He also excels at dealing with melee AD carriers, making the hard lane an instant choice if necessary. Despite having a victory percentage of 49%, it’s important to note that Gnar is and will always be a secure and trusted pick.


Wukong, another champion who vanished in the spring and made no subsequent appearances, has subsequently established himself once more as a dominant force in the jungle. When employed effectively, Wukong is a powerful force, as the LCK Summer Split has demonstrated. Despite being picked 60 times so far, he has only been successful in 25 games. Additionally, he was prohibited from playing in 47 other situations, demonstrating how unpopular he is with other teams.

Wukong is a powerful teamfight-oriented champion with high burst damage who can control the jungle by himself while also causing trouble for the opposing team. Teams are more mobile on the map because of his rapid rotation between lanes. With Wukong having the advantage in starting teamfights, this makes claiming objectives simpler.


Azir has long been a well-liked mid-lane pick, and in recent weeks, his popularity in the LCK has only increased. By a wide margin, The Emporer of Sands is the most well-liked mid-lane champion, far outpacing competitors like Ahri and Corki. Azir was chosen 45 times and then suspended for an additional 41 games. Azir, though, has a respectable win percentage of 56%, winning 25 of the 45 games in which he participated.

Azir’s kit works well with virtually any team setup thanks to his long-range abilities, which also let him poke while playing it safe. Azir is a champion who offers high risk and great return, but depending on how well you play him, he may also be hit or miss. That doesn’t appear to be an issue for Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon of Gen.G, who has an average KDA of 8.3 and has won all six of his matchups against Azir.


The Prodigal Explorer had little effect in the spring, but more recent improvements have brought him back into the meta. Ezreal and Aphelios are now neck-and-neck, with the former being selected for 35 matches and barred from the other 28. Although he only has a 48% win percentage, he has been a crucial pick for teams like T1 and Gen.G, who have had success with him.

Ezreal is one of the top AD carry champions because of his ability to provide high burst damage in a matter of seconds. He is a dominant force in teamfights, with the ability to shift the tides at a moment’s notice, even though his kit does require pinpoint precision. Ezreal is a larger threat on two fronts since he plays well in a group that emphasizes pushing.


Senna prevails over Tahm Kench and Renata Glasc in a close contest for the title of top-choice support champion. Senna was selected for 33 games while being barred from the other 37. Her win percentage of 58% demonstrates how versatile she is, playing both as a support and a marksman. With Senna in a hybrid support AD carry role, T1’s Lee “Gumayusi” Min-hyeong is presently 5-0.

Senna has shown to be a dependable and secure support choice who can also transform into an additional powerful AD carry due to the nature of her abilities. She was also one of the most frequently chosen supporters in the LoL World Championship, demonstrating that many professionals view her as a very secure selection.

It will be intriguing to see which winners will be included in the playoffs as the LCK Summer Split group stage draws to a close.

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