The Forthcoming APEX Legends Global Series 2022 Championship: Everything You Need to Know

Jul 14, 2022

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The best 40 teams in the globe will fight at the ALGS 2022 Championship for bragging rights and a piece of a US$2 million prize fund.

The Apex Legends Global Series: Championship, where the top 40 teams from five different regions will battle to be the best in the world, is just a few days away. Reignite, a team from the APAC South zone, won the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs, which were held in Stockholm, Sweden, more than a month ago.

The PNC Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina, will serve as the venue for the ALGS Championship, which will take place in the country. From July 7 to July 10, there will be four days of Apex Legends mayhem. The top 40 teams will compete for a total prize pool of $2,000,000 USD as well as bragging rights as the best in the industry.

In a tweet by Apex legends Esports:

Apex Legends Esports


“The Year 2 Championship is the biggest event in #ALGS history and it’s taking place July 7-10 in Raleigh, NC at the PNC Arena!

💪Live audience

💰$2M prize pool


🌍5 Regions

🏆1 Champion

Get your tickets, learn about schedules, prizing & more:”

Schedule and format for the ALGS Championship

On Thursday, July 7, day one will only be used for the group stage matches, in which 40 teams will be divided into four groups of ten. Six-game series will be contested between each group, giving each club a total of 18 games played. The top 10 teams from the group stage will advance directly to the upper bracket’s second round. The worst 10 teams advance directly to the first round of the lower bracket, while the next 20 teams in the middle of the table advance to the first round of the upper bracket.

Days two and three are for the upper and lower bracket first-round matches, which take place on Friday and Saturday, July 8 and 9. To decide which bracket advances to the next round, an eight-game series will be played twice. The 20 teams that placed in the center of the group stage standings will compete in the first round of the upper bracket to determine which 10 advance to the second round, while the remaining 10 are sent to the lower bracket’s first round.

The top 10 teams from the first round as well as the top 10 from the group stage will compete in the second round of the upper bracket. This will decide which 10 contestants will continue to the final round and receive advanced starting points. The bottom 10 teams will advance to the lower bracket’s second round.

The bottom 10 teams from the group stage plus the other bottom 10 teams from round one of the upper bracket will mostly make up the first round of the lower bracket. The top 10 will advance to the lower bracket’s second round after the conclusion of this round, while the lowest 10 will be eliminated from the ALGS world championship. The top 10 teams from the first round and the bottom 10 teams from the second round of the winner bracket will face off in the second and final lower bracket matchup. This will determine which of the last 10 teams advances to the championship game and which of the other 10 teams gets eliminated.

The match-point system will be used in the finals, which will take place on Sunday, July 10, and will be very similar to the Split 2 Playoffs a few months ago. This implies that teams can only succeed after accumulating at least 50 points. This decision will make for dramatic viewing, especially when numerous teams are on match-point. Teams must receive 50 points or more to be deemed match-point eligible. The top-seeded team will receive 10, the second-placed team will receive 9, and so on for teams that advanced to the second round of the upper bracket.

Teams competing in the ALGS Championship

In a tweet by Apex legends Esports:

Apex Legends Esports


“Now that you’ve watched the Split 2 Playoffs and you’ve seen incredible performances from all regions -Which of these teams are going to dominate during the #ALGS Championship in July?🤔”

The championship round-up will include the top 30 teams from the Split 2 Playoffs along with an additional 10 teams from the last-chance qualifiers. This means that a total of 40 teams will compete for the majority of the US $2 million prize pool. The 40 teams have already been divided into four groups of 10, however there are a few outliers in each group who some people believe will finish in the top 10. The groups are shown below:

Group A

  • Reignite (APAC-S)
  • esports team aD (APAC-N)
  • Team Empire (EMEA)*
  • 100 Thieves (NA)
  • Acend (EMEA)
  • Fennel (APAC-N)
  • Spacestation Gaming (NA)
  • Crazy Raccoon (APAC-N)
  • Lightning Unicorn (APAC-S)
  • Zeta Divison (EMEA)

Group B

  • Team Unite (APAC-N)
  • Luminosity Gaming (NA)
  • Cloud9 (NA)
  • GMT Esports (EMEA)
  • Team Singularity (SA)
  • Oddik (SA)
  • Element 6 (EMEA)
  • Fenix Team (SA)
  • Furia Esports (NA)
  • Elev8 Entertainment (NA)

Group C

  • Team Liquid (NA)
  • NRG (NA)
  • Fnatic (APAC-S)
  • Godfire (SA)
  • Sutoraiku (APAC-S)
  • FA Kitties (EMEA)
  • Reject (APAC-N)
  • Suave (SA)
  • Scarz (EMEA)
  • EXO Clan (APAC-S)

Group D

  • OpTic Gaming (NA)
  • TSM (NA)
  • Alliance (EMEA)
  • Team Burger (APAC-S)
  • DreamFire (APAC-S)
  • Detonation Gaming (APAC-N)
  • FOR7 (APAC-N)
  • Invictus Gaming International (EMEA)
  • 1iQ (SA)
  • Orthros Fang (APAC-N)

In a tweet by RANCHES:



“we miss the championship, visa denial to all three”

*Unfortunately, Team Empire won’t be taking part in this year’s LAN because the team was unable to get visas in time. Respawn Entertainment and EA have not yet released a comment regarding the squad that will take Empire’s place at the LAN.

ALGS Championship – Financial Rewards

You can imagine that this will be the biggest tournament of many teams’ lives in the ALGS with two million USD on the line. The winning team will take home a whopping US$500,000, followed by the second-place team with US$300,000 and the third-place team with US$200,000. The ALGS Championship is advantageous because each team will still receive a portion of the total prize money. For each of the 40 teams, the compensation will be as follows:

  • 1st: US$500,000
  • 2nd: US$300,000
  • 3rd: US$200,000
  • 4th: US$160,000
  • 5th: US$120,000
  • 6th: US$90,000
  • 7th: US$72,000
  • 8th: US$60,000
  • 9th: US$48,000
  • 10th: US$36,000
  • 11th – 15th: US$24,000
  • 16th – 20th: US$18,000
  • 21st – 25th: US$12,000
  • 26th – 30th: US$10,200
  • 31st – 40th: US$9,000

Watch out for these teams in the ALGS Championship

It can be difficult to decide which team to concentrate on over the next four days of the ALGS Championship with 40 teams to pay attention to. The ALGS Championship features many well-known teams as well as some fresh ones from significantly smaller regions. The top three teams from each group that we believe will have an impact on the next ALGS Championship will be chosen by us as a result.

Group A

Reignite – The Australian squad that competes for a Japanese organization will be looking to win its second straight LAN match after a convincing victory in the Split 2 Playoffs. With the exception of a few players, notably Noyan “Genburten” Ozkose, who is regarded as one of the top controller players in Apex Legends, their decision-making and map rotations have generally been spot-on.

esports team aD – The South Korean team has been one of the most reliable esports teams in the APAC region, and they plan to improve in the coming days. They are one of the top teams in northern APAC and hope to once again make the Asia-Pacific area famous.

100 Thieves – Despite being a massive organization in North America, 100 Thieves’ Apex Legends subsidiary hasn’t had much success outside of that region thus far. 100 Thieves, who are still regarded as one of NA’s top teams, will be arriving at the LAN with much to prove, especially in light of their impressive play during the Split 2 Playoffs.

Group B

Team UNITE – a Japanese team, one of the top competitors in Apex Legends, has thrown the entire country of Japan on its shoulders. They were the third team to score a match point in the Split 2 Playoffs championship match, and they have supported their standing with solid play throughout the competition. With their unconventional playstyle and composition, Team UNITE is definitely one to watch out for because they’ll undoubtedly create a lot of havoc and uncertainty.

Luminosity Gaming – Despite minor lineup changes as a result of two players’ delayed visa applications, Luminosity is one of the underdogs heading into the ALGS Championship. With two-thirds of the original roster missing, it will be intriguing to watch how far Luminosity can advance in the competition with the help of two players on loan from Complexity Gaming.

Furia Esports – a Brazilian-owned organization that participated in the North American last-chance qualifiers, has an all-American roster and could be considered a dark horse in the competition. Furia recently acquired Jacob “HisWattson” McMillin and sailed through the NA-LCQ with no problems. Additionally beneficial is the fact that HisWattson was the best predator in Season 13.

Group C

Team Liquid – When Team Liquid competed in the Split 2 Playoffs, many people had high hopes for them. They frequently finished in the top three of every stage at the last LAN and are hoping to advance further this time. When it came to pushing and rotations, the three members of Liquid had inch-perfect coordination with one another.

NRG – Another well-known brand from NA is NRG, which has long been a mainstay in ALGS. However, after adding players like Chris “sweetdreams” Sexton as the in-game captain, the team has subsequently reached new heights. His IGL shot-calling has been unmatched in NRG’s ascent back to the top of the ALGS, and as a result, NRG has appeared to be a more reliable and complete squad.

SCARZ – SCARZ, another EMEA victor of a last-chance qualifier, is back and determined to make a statement. The squad struggled through the LCQ matches to take first place in EMEA and earn a coveted spot back into the ALGS Championship after coming in last place at the Split 2 Playoffs. Even though many don’t think SCARZ will succeed again, this time around things could be different because they appeared strong throughout the LCQ.

Group D

OpTic Gaming – OpTic Gaming will be determined to win the ALGS Championship after just missing the top three at the Split 2 Playoffs. After entertaining battles in both the regional leagues and the LAN earlier this year, the team has been regarded as one of NA’s best-performing squads thus far. OG has the talent and inventiveness to take the entire tournament; all they need to do is be able to hold on when it counts.

TSM – Some consider TSM to be the most talented Apex Legends squad to ever play the game. Of course, they are the first and only team in the competitive scene to date to win the first two LANs. TSM has a lot to live up to with a mountain of expectations and an even bigger mountain of supporters behind them because they are one of NA’s finest teams. Can TSM’s IGL Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen take them to their third LAN triumph and their first world title?

Alliance – As one of the stronger teams from the EMEA scene, Alliance is another notable name. Although a top 20 finish at the Split 2 Playoffs guaranteed them a spot in the ALGS Championship, they will need to do more to advance. Since he arrived, John “Hakis” Hkansson has served as the team’s IGL. During the LAN, he will need to improve both personally and with his teammates.

The week of July 7–10 will see the ALGS Championship play out. On Twitch.TV, be sure to see it all live!

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