The fifth-most viewed CS:GO event ever was IEM Cologne

Aug 6, 2022

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At its peak, 1.25 million people were watching the finals between NAVI and FaZe clan.

Send folks to this article when they claim CS:GO is dead. Two top teams competed to determine which was the best CS:GO team in the world at the recently finished IEM Cologne. There were some very positive statistics in the final between the two titans, showing that the game is still very much alive and well.

In a tweet from Esports Charts:

Esports Charts 🇺🇦


“The biggest @CSGO tournaments of the first half of 2022.

Read more about records on @IEM Cologne 2022:”

*the tweet also contains a photo*

According to data from Esports Charts, 1.25 million people watched the Cologne competition’s grand finale. The finals rank as the sixth most watched CS:GO series and the most watched non-Major match of all time thanks to this statistic.

This even surpasses IEM Katowice 2022, the previous record holder. The increase in figures is a very positive sign that interest in CS:GO is once again rising. The two most viewed television programs of all time, PGL Major Stockholm and PGL Major Antwerp, with 2.75 million and 2.11 million viewers, respectively, are behind this encounter.

The top 6 CS:GO events are as follows:

  • PGL Major Stockholm – 2.75 million
  • PGL Major Antwerp 2022 – 2.11 million
  • ELEAGUE Major 2017: Atlanta – 1.33 million
  • ELEAGUE Major 2018: Boston – 1.329 million
  • IEM Cologne 2022 – 1.249 million
  • IEM Katowice Major 2019 – 1.205 million
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