The Criminal Enterprises, a significant upgrade for Grand Theft Auto Online, has been announced by Rockstar Games

Aug 26, 2022

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On July 26, Los Santos’ Criminal Enterprises will go live.

Grand Theft Auto Online, the acclaimed online game from Rockstar Games, will soon receive a significant update that will launch on July 26. There will be many changes and improvements made to the game as a result of the Criminal Enterprises update. Rockstar likes to add new missions with every update, and the most recent one has Los Santos experiencing a fierce heatwave, rising petrol prices, and a faltering economy.

Players had the opportunity to help Dr. Dre recover his stolen phone, which included very rare and unreleased content, in its most recent significant update, The Contract. You will be collaborating with the IAA (the game’s emulation of the CIA) as you work to bring down the dishonest Duggan petrochemical family in The Criminal Enterprises. In order to conduct Operation Paper Trail, which will require 1-4 player(s) to be sworn in as IAA agents and look into the Duggan family, Agent ULP will get in touch with you. Following the completion of the new mission update, players will also receive new Contact Missions as a sworn-in IAA agent.

Executives who have their own executive offices will now have the opportunity to get to know Lupe, their new staff manager, who can assist with locating special cargo. Daily Special Cargo shipments will also come to your warehouse’s perimeter, packed and prepared for delivery to the docks. The list of free-mode missions an Executive can complete will also include two new Source Missions.

Motorcycle Club owners who have their own Clubhouse can customize customers’ motorcycles to their specifications and deliver them to customers for GTA$ and RP. The way this operates is quite similar to the Auto Shop Garage from the Los Santos Tuners upgrade. Clubhouse owners will also receive two new Clubhouse Contracts and Bar Resupply tasks to keep their new clients satisfied and supplement their GTA$ earnings.

Gunrunners that have a Bunker can now make a daily delivery to a specific Ammu-Nation shop to generate extra income. Additionally, you can now reach Agent 14 on the road to help them advance their study by obtaining information from a well-armed target. You will also find two additional Resupply missions when you replenish your Bunker.

Nightclub owners now have two additional Club Management missions to highlight your ethical business practices. Additionally, Yohan, a new contact, will be given to you. You can contact Yohan to find goods for their nightclub warehouse. It’s your responsibility as a nightclub owner to keep the party rolling, and you may now evict any troublemakers or chaperoning drunk VIPs to a private area.

Rockstar will introduce a ton of new automobiles to Los Santos this summer and beyond in an ever-expanding environment with a whole subculture for cars. This comprises two brand-new vehicles that qualify for Imani Tech and have features like missile lock-on jammers and remote controls. Rockstar hasn’t forgotten about its original vehicles, many of which have been in the game since the beginning and have received a variety of new and more extensive customization choices. Later this summer, Hao’s Special Works for players on next-generation consoles will release a brand-new car, while Benny’s Original Motor Works is increasing its ability to work on more vehicles.

But the enhanced payment overhaul is one of the biggest changes Rockstar is making to GTA Online. The update will bring about a number of changes to the economy, such as permanent increases to Race and Adversary Mode payouts, higher payouts for both the original and Doomsday Heists, as well as more rewards for Bodyguards, Associates, and MC Members.

The payments for earlier Contact missions, heists, and races have long been criticized by GTA Online players as being way too little. Even earning money in a passive manner as an MC member, bodyguard, or associate doesn’t pay much, which is why Rockstar wants to alter the GTA Online economy. Additionally, Rockstar will make the Oppressor Mk II less unpleasant while also making it simpler to heal yourself during gunfights, granting players quicker access to food and armor, and doing other things.

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