RSG PH Takes Down Rrq to Solidify Their Names in Msc Championship History

Jun 28, 2022

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The last time these two teams met, it was RRQ who proved that their experience was an overwhelming force over the up-and-coming RSG PH squad.

But in the grand showdown, RSG did not repeat their mistakes in their last meeting, and swept the Indonesian MPL champions 4 – 0.

RSG’s fortitude and judgment in the decisive late games defined the series.

RSG PH saved by Nathazz and Light

RRQ Hoshi destroyed Dylan “Light” Catipon and Eman “EMANN” Sangco in the early parts of the match, dominating the early game. While Calvin “VYN” and Deden “Clayyy” Muhammad Nurhasan’s Yve reduced EMANN to rubble, Light was unable to begin his setups.

RSG was unable to advance as the game went on because RRQ completely zoned them out. At the 17 minute mark, it appeared as though they would even score first.

But while Nathanael “Nathzz ” Estrologo plagued the backlines, RSG eventually achieved their power spike, forcing RRQ to use their abilities and opening the door for Jonard Cedrix “Demonkite” Caranto to attack.

Along with Nathzz, Light advanced to entice the skills of Clayyy and Albert “Albertt ” Neilsen Iskandar, which eventually prompted EMANN and Arvie “Aqua” Antonio to place themselves far away. RRQ was left without a response, which forced them to give up Game 1.

Nathazz takes aim at Clayyy

Thanks to that Akai pick, RRQ once again grabbed charge of the early game, just like in Game 1. Rivaldi “R7” Fatah was in charge of hooking up with the panda, not Albertt, who was in charge of controlling him.

Similar to Game 1, RSG anticipated their shenanigans and readied their defenses. Nathzz pursued Clayyy relentlessly throughout the whole game, making him (and finally the entire RRQ team) hastily veer away from the Raider ranks.

As a result, Light was eventually able to employ his Noumenon Blast and most of his setups were successful because he was able to hit numerous opponents at once.

In Game 2, RRQ once more had no reaction as Nathzz poked the backlines.

RSG earns the title of late game kings

RSG PH showed that they could follow in the footsteps of Omega Esports, known as the masters of the late game, by pulling miracles out of a ticking clock after their showdown.

And they demonstrated this one again in Game 3. Early on in the game, there was fierce competition, but RRQ eventually took the lead despite VYN landing flawless I’m Offended moves on crucial players. Once inside their base, they were able to push RSG.

However, there were significant RRQ issues. The IND squad struggled to stand out in teamfights against the Lord team.

In the game’s closing moments, Light really stood out. Fans may easily argue that he was always dying with his 0 / 9 / 10 KDA ranking, but by observing the conflicts, his sacrifices led to a better outcome for RSG.

This was demonstrated in the 20th minute when Aqua and EMANN outwitted the entire team before Light and Nathzz gave their lives.

RRQ was unable to respond to Light’s abrupt arrivals, which caused matchpoint.

RSG more organized in the final game

While VYN’s Ruby provided the potential shock factor in the previous game, he struggled in Game 4 as RSG understood his setups flawlessly.

Due to this, the Raiders were able to punish RRQ early on in the game. Additionally, the fact that RSG was able to slow down RRQ’s engagements entirely as a result of Nathzz’s entrances, Aqua’s ult, and EMANN’s damage output didn’t help.

The strain was too great for RRQ since Light was making plays left and right.

The MPL – PH champions blew past the Indonesian team and won their second significant prize of the year, leaving the Indonesian team with no chance of winning the championship.

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