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RSG PH Is Booted to the Msc Lower Bracket by RRQ

Jun 28, 2022

With a chance to go to the grand finals, the Filipino champions RSG PH faced Indonesian squad RRQ Hoshi. However, their efforts were in vain as RRQ beat RSG PH in a 3-1 grind, owing to their opponents’ performance in key teamfights.

VYN and Clayyy come through in the RSG PH match.

Early game skirmishers dominated RSG’s Game 1 roster, with Dylan “Light” Catipon trampling Calvin “VYN’s” rotations.

There were also times when Light was able to make critical Atlas moves in Game 1. RRQ, on the other hand, was prepared with countermeasures.

RSG couldn’t offer the follow-up with Deden “Clayyy” Muhammad Nurhasan’s Xavier since he slowed down their encounters. It also didn’t help that he had so much room to use his burst.

Jonard Cedrix “Demonkite” Caranto and Eman “EMANN” Sangco would do their best to deal damage, but they were kept at bay by Albert “Alberttt” Neilsen Iskandar and Schevenko “Skylar” David Tendean, and were eventually eliminated in teamfights.

Game 2 is taken over by R7 and Skylar.

Game 2 followed the same plot, with RRQ being suffocated at various times in the early game owing to Light’s assault. But as the contest progressed, it was VYN’s Franco who stole center stage once more.

He provided space for Alberttt to undermine RSG’s sets with his hook shots.

However, both Rivaldi “R7″ Fatah and Skylar would steal the show in this game. The former outplayed Nathanael “Nathzz ” Estrologo as his Esmeralda outperformed Nathzz’s Thamuz, while the latter proved critical in slowing down EMANN’s Clint’s potential harassment.

The Filipino champs were defeated by RRQ’s expertise and teamfight execution.

RSG PH’s late-game attempts in the Lord pit fail to save RRQ.

The Indonesian champions were unable to sweep their Filipino opponents when their hallmark Franco pick was refused, resulting in a one-sided Game 3 victory for the Raiders. Light’s Franco breezed by the Indonesia representatives.

With the method working so well for RSG, they duplicated it in the Game 4 draft.

In the early phases of the game, RSG’s Nathzz did an excellent job of freezing out Clayyy and Skylar, but RRQ, firing on all cylinders following their Game 3 mistake, relentlessly dismantled RSG.

In the 16th minute, Nathzz attempted to seize the Lord, only to be met with a strong onslaught. Alberttt’s Akai and VYN’s Ruby stopped more possible Lord takeaways.

With their impetus gone, RSG failed to qualify for the grand finals.

Meanwhile, RSG will compete in the lower bracket, awaiting the winner of the match between Omega Esports and Falcon. Whatever the outcome of this battle, a Filipino squad will be returning home today.

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