RRQ Secures VCT Group Stage Berth With Win Over Ghetto Artists

Jun 27, 2022

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RRQ was expecting to avenge a bitter setback to Bleed Esports in yesterday’s VCT Play-in match and eventually secure their group stage dreams. Their wishes came true when the Filipinos swept the Ghetto Artists reps from Hong Kong and Taiwan. With a solid defensive stance and heroics from Kelly “KellyS” Sedillo, the Filipino team relentlessly dissected their opponents in both games.

The first game was played in Breeze, where RRQ took advantage of the broad expanses to prevent their opponents’ Spike attempts. GA managed to plant the spike early in the game, but RRQ’s positional play and some outplays from KellyS were able to halt their momentum. They were able to effortlessly diffuse the spikes in the end.

When RRQ was able to secure the Operator, things began to spiral downward for GA. Nathaniel “Nexii” Cabero and KellyS were able to slow down GA’s movements while stomping their adversaries with their accuracy.

Even when the odds were stacked against them, such as in a Round 14 economy round, RRQ showed their class. Sheriff shots by James “2Ge” Goopio proved to be the deciding factor. RRQ put the finishing touches on their 13 to 3 victory in Round 15 with a faultless performance.

RRQ breezed by their opponents in Game 1, but struggled in Game 2 due to the right angles in Split slowing them down. RRQ was left in a tight duel with their opponents as GA passed on the Chamber and Breach selection.

The RRQ defense proves to be victorious when RRQ was assigned the responsibility of defending the bomb sites and things began to change. They examined the movements of the Taiwanese and Hong Kong squads using their Nexi Cypher pick.

They could also show off their other trump cards. The combination of Skye and Raze was important in RRQ’s return or comeback. KellyS would take center stage with his precise use of his Boom Bot and Paint Shells talents, while 2Ge’s blinding antics would serve as an intimidation effect.

He even dominated the later rounds, helping RRQ to a 13 to 9 victory and a spot in the group stage, where they will face Xerxia, Alter Ego, and Global Esports. As a result of their triumph, all three Filipino representatives remain in the VCT APAC stage. Team Secret and Oasis Gaming, the VCT PH finalists, are the other two teams.

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