Riot launches Project Stryker in collaboration with AWS

Aug 11, 2022

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Riot Games announced Project Stryker, a collaboration between Amazon Web Services, the industry leader in data analytics and visualization, for its esports broadcast and statistics. Many future directions for Valorant and League of Legends broadcasting and viewing are made possible by this connection.

If you were not aware, one of the largest cloud service providers is Amazon Web Services, or AWS. It was founded in 2002 and started providing cloud computing services in 2006. It is a division of Amazon Inc.

Riot Games already uses AWS for data storage, specifically the AWS Servers for League and Valorant. Additionally, they have improved the viewing experience for VCT and Leagues events by using AWS’s Twitch services.

Riots Cloud Computing, Cloud Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Deep Learning, and Cloud services were some of the AWS names used in the current collaboration. Riot will make use of these services to improve insights and give gamers in-depth statistics.

The new effort from Riot Games, code-named Project Stryker, calls for the establishment of facilities that will be essential to the Riot Games Esports ecosystem. The first of these facilities is now up and running in Dublin, Ireland.

These services would act as a bridge between the end viewer and the raw streams from the competition. The facilities’ primary function would be to translate content and enhance its significance for viewers. This entails adding the statistics that users request, translating the content, and enhancing the viewing experience.

The Dublin facility would now take on the role of Project Stryker’s primary center and broadcast all of the international Valorant, Wild Rift, and League of Legends tournaments. The Stryker facility will take the live stream from the events and produce special programs in a variety of languages, boosting the viewing experience.

In addition, two other facilities, including one close to Seattle, USA, and one in the Asia-Pacific are being built. No matter where they took place, every event would receive support from a Project Stryker Hub.

With the next League of Legends and Valorant Champion Worlds, where fans may vote for the numbers they want to see most, we would witness the debut of Project Stryker and AWS-powered stats in action.

Fans would be able to vote for the most likely outcomes and be entered to win a variety of exciting prizes through the implementation of a power ranking and pick’em system. All of these would be amazing to witness as it is the result of collaboration between AWS and Riot Games.

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