Order Strikes Down Oasis Gaming in VCT APAC Group Stage Opener

Jun 27, 2022

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The stage is set for the group stages, as Oasis Gaming, a Filipino team, can finally put their skills to the test in the VCT APAC, their first appearance competing in front of an international audience.

Unfortunately, Oasis’ debut was marred by ORDER, a fellow rookie and VALORANT Oceania champion, who swept them 2 – 0.

The Filipino representatives struggled to deal with Michael “WRONSKI” Wronski’s performances, who is regarded as Oceania’s top duelist. Given how he and his team performed, the OCE VALORANT scenario has a lot of potential.

WRONSKI puts up a show against Oasis

WRONSKI’s Jett has been perplexing Oasis Gaming since the beginning of Game 1. He functioned as ORDER’s spacemaker throughout the series, outplaying the competition.

He was able to exploit his Jett’s mobility to the point that he outwitted and outplayed Oasis members. This ultimately allowed his teammates to assess Oasis Gaming’s position and outmaneuver them.

Then he was able to land vital kills, as evidenced by his excellent start in Round 5, which gave his side the upper hand during the eco round.

But it wasn’t just in Game 1 that he created an impression; in Game 2, he dominated the early rounds. ORDER has a 7 – 0 record thanks to his services.

ORDER in the court

But it wasn’t only WRONSKI who ruled the series; the latter rounds demonstrated that the other members might make a difference as well.

In Game 1, Cameron “disk0” Mac’s KAY/O was a pain, as his utilities were employed to slow down Oasis’ aggression. This was shown in Round 13 when he was able to earn three kills in the Breeze tunnels.

Even before that round, he stomped Oasis’ attempts with an ace in Round 10.

While he was the hero in Map 1, his teammate Elvin “Maple” Sun, as the ultimate ace in the hole, dominated Map 2. His antics in Round 13 stood out, as he used a spike plant to bait Mark Louis “Ripper” Laguardia, only to be surprised.

Riley “rDeeW” Wilkinson would stomp Oasis’ attempts as his long-distance assaults decimated the Filipino squad in both games as the finishing touch. Oasis had no chance in the end. They may still be able to recover in their remaining group stage games.

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