Omega Esports defeats Orange Esports in a Five-Game Slugfest

Jun 28, 2022

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ANOTHER DAY, another escape for Omega Esports’ lower bracket run, this time against Malaysia’s Orange Esports.

Initially, it appeared like their dreams were fading when the Malaysian team took a 2 to 1 series lead.

But, true to their reputation, Omega stepped up to the plate when the pressure was on and won the series 3 to 2.

The series was defined by Garyy’s heroics for Orange Esports, but Omega’s pick ultimately proved decisive, most notably in the final two games.

Orange Esports’ iconic Fanny and Moskov combination was analyzed by Omega Esports.

In their match against RSG PH, Orange used a Fanny and Moskov combination that surprised the Raiders before being stomped by Dylan “Light” Catipon’s heroics.

They used the same combination versus Omega Esports once more. It followed the same pattern: an edge in the early stages, only for Omega to outwit them in the later stages.

In other battles, Joshua “Ch4knu” Mangilog served as bait, allowing Dean Christian “Raizen” Samagui to secure the Lord.

Orange then attempted to use their Fanny pick to smash Duane “Kelra ” Pillas. With Kelra’s damage output, his technical talents, and the coordination of his teammates, Garyy was unable to deliver the killing blow.

It also didn’t hurt that Renz Errol “Renzio” Cadua was hitting the appropriate targets while Orange’s Aiman “Mann” Anuar and Aimin “Minn” Anuar couldn’t connect on their synergy, giving the Filipinos the Game 1 victory.

Omega is able to recover.

Omega was defeated by Orange’s ability to swap options across the next two games. In addition, they were defeated by Garyy and Minn’s late-game heroics in Game 2.

In Game 4, though, Omega was able to read Orange’s communications. Franco of Ch4knu landed vital hooks, allowing Kelra and Patrick James “E2MAX” Caidic to blast down threats.

One big assault from Orange came from Atlas, who acted as a counter-attacking danger that complemented Balmond effectively.

However, Omega had them under control and timed their engagements well, minimizing their devastating combination.

To crush their momentum even further, Omega deployed their concealment maneuvers to remove Born.

Overall, Orange had no choice but to bear the repercussions and behold a Kelra Filipino Savage.

Omega capitalized on their Malaysian competitors’ hyper-creative squad in the decisive do-or-die game for both teams. Their hero pool was very greedy, and it didn’t help that the squad lacked the damage to take out important threats.

In the end, it was a one-sided Omega battle that saved their lower bracket run.

Omega will now face Myanmar’s Falcon Esports, who are widely regarded as a significant tournament dark horse. If they win the series, they will meet the winner of the upper bracket finals between RRQ and RSG PH.

Meanwhile, Orange Esports will be packing their belongings. What’s the good news? The Malaysian squad will not have to go far to get home.

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