Nathazz and Demonkite Take Away the Smiles of Their Haters

Jul 1, 2022

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RSG PH EXP laner Nathanael “Nathzz” Estrolgo had some sharp words for his adversary and idol Rivaldi “R7” Fatah before their upper bracket championship match versus RRQ Hoshi.

“I feel excited. I want to crush R7 in this match,” he said.

Unfortunately, the contrary occurred, and RRQ ended up competing in the MSC 2022 finals since R7 outperformed him in that series.

Fans made fun of Nathazz for being a non factor, passive, or too aggressive, which was embarrassing for him.

However, the complaints didn’t stop there. RSG PH defeated their regional rivals 3-2 in their lower bracket match against Omega Esports.

Several fans believed that Omega had a better chance over RRQ than RSG after witnessing the RRQ-RSG massacre. The Raiders did, after all, recently fall to the Indonesian team.

Some even dared to call into doubt RSG’s championship mindset.

Nathazz, Demonkite, and RSG triumph over haters

However, the conclusion of the MSC finals, which featured a rematch between RRQ and RSG, went decisively in favor of the Filipino team as the Raiders easily defeated their Indonesian opponents.

Additionally, Nathazz and Demonkite showed no signs of restraint in front of RRQ’s players and fans during the title celebrations.

While Demonkite ranting in front of RRQ fans, Nathzz shoved the MSC trophy in front of a dejected RRQ roster.

Both Demonkite and Nathzz addressed their critics in the post-match press conference.

RSG PH’s jungler had this to say: “Sa mga bashers namin, may napatunayan kami tsaka isa lang ang masasabi ko sa inyo, ang popogi nyo!”. [Of our bashers, we have proven something and there is only one thing I can tell you, you guys are dashing!]

Nathzz also presented the closing remarks to those who doubted their chances.

“Ang masasabi ko sa mga fans…sige bash lang kayo, yun lang kaya niyo eh. Ano? Champion kami eh, paano na iyan? Akala niyo RRQ magcha-champion eh bakit kami ngayon?”

[All I can say to the fans … all right, just bash, that’s all you can do. What? We are champions, how is that? You thought RRQ would be the champion, why are we here now].

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