NAOS Esports’ 16-year-old prodigies eager to prove their worth in VALORANT

Aug 2, 2022

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After a disappointing performance at VCT Stage 2, NAOS Esports are aiming to make a significant change. Earlier this month, the organization let go of three founding members: Simon “Blas” Blas, Franz “kvzx” Dingal, and Jude “z” Gunhuran.

To boost their chances of winning the next VCT, NAOS have officially signed two up-and-coming players named Jerome “Mojer” Literal and Noel “NDG” De Quia. The two Radiant players are both 16 years old and hoping to build a name for themselves in the Philippine VALORANT scene.

In an interview with, NDG said that since he is a new member of NAOS Esports, he is thrilled, excited, and happy to exhibit what he can accomplish as a player. “…especially inside and outside of the game and I feel comfortable with my teammates because of their exposure and experience.”

“My expectations are hopefully we win championships and we’ll do our best as a team,” he added.

Mojer has high expectations for himself and is appreciative of the opportunity to participate. He stated that he is grateful to NAOS for allowing him to participate in NAOS Esports and he is also looking forward to being with everyone in the next competitions.

He said that he is aware of how he is only beginning his esports adventure, but one of his aspirations is to be part of VCT, a part of the big stage. “I am looking forward to when I reach that stage. I am willing to grow and do my best for a better outcome for the team!”

Along with Shaun ‘blurred’ Magsalang, Emmanuel ‘jEEE’ Buenavidez, and Oscar ‘Kakarot’ Farin Jr., the two youthful spitfires will be joining the NAOS.

Playing with NDG and Mojer sparked some fascinating feelings in jEEE.

He explained that there is a mixture of excitement and fear, “Fear because I do not know how we will perform as a group. However I think we have what it takes to be the best! Excitement because I can’t wait to compete and win a tournament with the new roster.”

He exclaimed, “We will do our best to be a top tier team not just in Asia but in the world!” 

The NAOS designated sniper, Blurred, wants to make the team as competitive as possible and has high expectations for the new members.

He stated that his hopes are that they are highly competitive and listen to any recommendations and thoughts. “As long as there is unity and understanding.” He said that he is delighted to meet them and discuss ideas for their team’s success.

Kakarot continued, “I’m excited to play with our new roster, because I believe that the new players will bring extra firepower and I can’t wait for our future games.”

We are eager to watch how NAOS VALORANT does in upcoming competitions and at VCT 2023 because they have high expectations.

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