MSC 2022: The Usurpers Take Another Champion Down as Falcon Esports Triumph Over Todak

Jun 27, 2022

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As we moved into some lower bracket elimination series at MSC 2022, Todak and Falcon Esports would find their tournament lives in the guillotine.

So far, two teams have already been eliminated from the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup 2022, with both of Singapore’s representatives – EVOS Singapore and RSG Singapore – meeting their fate. While there was some upper bracket action going on at the same time, today was all about eliminations as the lower bracket quarterfinals began. Todak, the hometown heroes and Malaysian MPL Season 9 champions, would be the first team to take the field. Falcon Esports, the Myanmar legends who have made quite a reputation for themselves as they take down everyone in their path.

The Swordfish get devoured by the Falcons

Todak has a reputation for having their ups and downs, never truly reaching a consistent tempo across events. The team hoped to finally maintain their winning streak after winning MPL MY Season 9, but MSC 2022 is proving to be anything but for the hometown champions. On the other hand, one of the most spectacular emergencies of a team has been witnessed, as Myanmar’s Falcon Esports have risen above everything, stealing the hearts of many, and became favorites themselves. 

Whatever this team picks up, whether it’s Naomi’s Franco using the Iron Hook to grab some fantastic pickoffs, Justin’s Johnson slamming directly into his opponents, or Silent’s Beatrix, they’ve created a name for themselves. These were just a few of the heroes used in the first two games, as Todak struggled to grasp Falcon’s playstyle, bringing the game to a 0-2 in favor of the Falcons. With an exhausting third game to finally find their footing, the Kings of the Comeback were not about to give up. 

Todak appeared to be prepared to make the biggest comeback after coming back strong in an excellent game three, especially with the wind in their sails today. Falcon, on the other hand, held their cool, even when they appeared to be losing a few teamfights, and kept up their typical quick pace, eventually destroying the Malaysians.

Todak’s MSC aspirations have been extinguished after experiencing a devastating 3-1 loss, leaving just Orange Esports to compete with the home court advantage. Falcon Esports continues to rise, earning a name for themselves in MLBB and pushing a new Myanmar contender to the forefront of Southeast Asia, despite dropping a game.

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