MSC 2022: Malaysia’s Last Hope Extinguished by Smart Omega

Jun 27, 2022

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Orange Esports would be Malaysia’s final challenger at MSC 2022 with Todak eliminated, Smart Omega Esports however, had other plans in mind.

Following the elimination of Todak from the Mobile legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup 2022, It was up to Orange Esports to keep the Malaysian flag flying high throughout the event on homecourt. Their current opponent, however, is none other than Smart Omega Esports, 2021’s reigning champs. The clean sweep curse had been broken, and these two teams were prepared to deliver us an incredible series, as we saw previously.

When it comes to MLBB, tournament lives are on the line, and when two teams play high-risk approaches, it gets even crazier. The series between these two teams was extremely close, with both teams making critical plays and a tremendous display of skill when neither team wanted to lose or be eliminated from the competition. The Philippine team struck early, but Orange swiftly tied things up, demonstrating that they would not allow the “3-0” curse to return.

The Malaysian team seized on their momentum, winning a thrilling second game in the series – but that was when everything changed. Kelra’s Beatrix blasted an early game triple kill before a game-ending slaughter, tying things up once more, and Omega’s lower bracket secret recipe kicked in. Unfortunately for Orange Esports, once Omega hit that level of play, they were unable to stay up, as the series’ last game slipped out of their grasp, concluding the series 2-3 in Omega’s favor.

Unfortunately for Orange Esports, they exit MSC 2022 with that devastating loss, bringing down Malaysia’s ambitions. On the other hand, Smart Omega Esports will face a new rival in the following round, as they attempt to take down the high-flying Falcon Esports.

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