Misfits Gaming is rumored to be departing the LEC after the next season; a new franchise will be unveiled soon

Sep 1, 2022

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For the upcoming season, the LEC will have a new face.

Misfits Gaming, who has been a member of the LEC since its creation, is reportedly departing the top EU region, and the new owner of their seat is anticipated to be revealed tomorrow. A person named @i Eros_ made the initial announcement of the news on Twitter. According to him, a number of teams, including Team Heretics of the LVP Superliga and Karmine Corp of the LFL, have expressed interest in taking the vacant spot.

In a tweet from Eros:



“[🇬🇧] Sources: 

Misfits Gaming to leave the LEC for next year

The team has reportedly already sold the LEC spot and a new owner will be announced tomorrow.

Sources say that team was pondering several teams including names such as Team Heretics [🇪🇸] or Karmine Corp [🇫🇷]”

But according to Brieuc Seeger of the Upcomer on Twitter, Misfits appear to be “in negotiations” about offloading their LEC spot. He continues by claiming that both KC and KOI, who play in the LVP Superliga, are not eligible for the competition. The news that the Blue Wall won’t be making their LEC debut will dismay their supporters. With the addition of Martin “Rekkles” Larsson, KC has become one of the EU’s quickest-rising teams in League of Legends.

With Misfits quitting the LEC, the franchise league’s six-year existence comes to an end. Despite having roots in North America, Misfits has become one of the more well-known organizations in the EU region. Misfits performed well enough in the spring and summer splits of their inaugural season in the LEC (formerly known as the EU LCS) to win the second spot for the EU at Worlds 2017. Misfits even made it to the playoff round’s quarterfinals, when they played T1 in all five games.

In a tweet from LEC Wooloo:

LEC Wooloo [🇪🇺]


“Misfits Gaming have been in negotiations for their LEC spot lately but I haven’t heard that they sold already, will try to figure it out but gg to eros if it’s true”

Unfortunately, the team hasn’t quite managed to succeed since their first season in the LEC. Misfits failed to qualify for Worlds in the EU LCS Regional Finals in the years after Worlds 2017, and on three further times, they finished in the bottom four.

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