League Championship Series and HBO’s House of the Dragon collaborate

Aug 18, 2022

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The LCS and HBO are working together to promote House of the Dragon through Targaryen banners in-game and other means.

The Targaryens weren’t kings because of their dreams. It was dragons. The upcoming Game of Thrones prequel, House of the Dragon, on HBO, has just been revealed as a new partner in The League Championship Series’ next endeavor. The LCS will continue to feature a lot of content from the show.

Link to video: https://youtu.be/DotnJ7tTA34

Beginning tomorrow, July 23, Week 5 of the LCS will feature distinctive design cues and branding from the recently released House of the Dragon trailer (shown above), as well as a tailored connection to each secured Dragon Soul. This blends remarkably well into the game, given the role that dragons play in League games. The LCS has never had a Dragon entitlement before.

From the standpoint of the viewer, this most likely indicates that Dragon Souls will somehow be connected to the numerous dragons in the HBO series. After all, the Targaryen family’s claim to the throne is secured by many living dragons that follow the family’s orders and repeatedly burn people alive as dragons are prone to do. The series takes place while the Targaryen dynasty is at the height of their power.

This collaboration will continue in the LCS well into late August, and it will also feature the addition of Targaryen banners flanking the mid lane on Summoner’s Rift during the first weekend of the exhibition (August 20-21). It’s not clear from LoL Esports’ statement that “the epic summer of dragons will culminate at the next LCS Championships in Chicago on September 10-11” whether this means that the September competitions will also include components from the series.

In case you missed it, House of the Dragon is a prequel television series that follows the Targaryen family who formerly claimed Westeros. It is set about 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones. At one point, the family broke apart into groups that were each fighting for control of the Iron Throne, causing a civil war to break out. In addition to detailing the events leading up to that civil war, the television show probably also explains how the majority of the Targaryen family’s dragons perished before Game of Thrones debuted.

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