IEM Cologne 2022: FaZe Clan strikes NAVI down and becomes IEM Cologne champion

Aug 2, 2022

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In the third significant competition they competed in this year, they defeated NAVI once more.

The Intel Extreme Masters Season XVII – Cologne is now done, and one team has emerged as the champion and one of the top CS:GO squads at the moment. In the year’s rematch in the grand final, NAVI faced off against FaZe Clan, and ultimately, only one team could be named champion.

In a tweet from FaZe Clan’s official twitter account:

FaZe Clan



#IEM | #FaZeUp”

The first game was Inferno, where the two sides were evenly matched right away. NAVI had the advantage in the first period of the game, but FaZe quickly caught up and won the game in round 29. With the second map, Overpass, the situation was reversed. After 29 rounds of play, NAVI ultimately claimed victory for themselves.

Both teams were tied at the end of round 30 on the third map, Ancient, necessitating overtime for both sides. The Ukrainians pushed back against FaZe but were quicker to the draw and won the game 19-16.

In a tweet from ESL Counter-Strike:

ESL Counter-Strike


“Same trophy, different team, 3 years later. [🇨🇦] @Twistzz


However, NAVI appeared to lose steam after this because, on the fourth map, Mirage, they were unable to overtake FaZe, who easily controlled both halves of the match. NAVI attempted to overtake FaZe on the fifth map, Nuke, but FaZe was able to win after a run of victories that took the match to round thirty.

With the victory, FaZe Clan earned $400,000, 3200 BLAST Premier points, and the top seed for the IEM Katowice 2023 competition. NAVI, on the other hand, did not depart Copenhagen empty-handed; as the competition’s runner-up, they received $180,000.

In a tweet from ESL Counter-Strike:

ESL Counter-Strike


“”Ending on the 5th map, 16-14… I almost passed out when I won it”

He’s finally lifted the #IEM Cologne trophy so we had to hear from 


 on the stage 🎙️”

As teams prepare for their summer break, this is the final event on the CS:GO calendar for the time being. The ESL Pro League Season 16 will be the next significant competition in August.

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