Hope Burns Bright for Omega Esports as They Dominate EVOS SG

Jun 27, 2022

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Omega Esports shines the brightest when it comes to pressure cooker scenarios. And, true to form, they overcame the fear of elimination with a 3-0 victory over Singapore’s last surviving hope, EVOS SG.

While EVOS will have to leave, Omega’s MSC campaign will continue, awaiting the winner of the match between RSG Philippines and Orange Esports.

EVOS SG outplayed in the whole series

EVOS SG was simply out drafted in Game 1 due to their reliance on Tristan Christopher “Gear” Nathanael’s Akai for initiations.

Gear was able to land perfect ults to trample Omega at first, but the latter was able to adjust to their shenanigans almost instantly.

When Gear burst his ult, they outran him with their Sprint battle magic.

Even when Duane “Kelra” Pillas, Omega’s key damage dealer, was killed, Natalia of Joshua “Ch4knu” Mangilog, who was poaching EVOS’ primary damage dealers, Basil Lim “Seilah” Dao Ze and Adam “Adammir” Chong, was ready to counter.

EVOS was eventually shocked by the defending MSC champions.

Then it was the same story in Game 2. Omega, on the other hand, never gave their Singaporean competitors a chance.

Chou played by Ch4knu was all over the place, setting up plays while Kelra and Renzio dominated their respective lanes. In Game 2, EVOS SG was easily outclassed.

EVOS SG’s last resort

Seeing the need to rebound, EVOS SG fought valiantly in Game 3 to keep their chances alive. Both teams traded skirmishes, while Omega maintained the upper hand in terms of securing objectives, eliminating the opposition turrets.

Thanks to a long-range barrage from Adammir’s Beatrix and Seilah’s Xavier, as well as vital wrap arounds from Akihiro “JPL” Furusawa’s Natalia, EVOS was able to last a long time.

Omega, on the other hand, identified loopholes as the battle progressed. Dean Christian “Raizen” Samagui burst down their damage dealers when Seilah was exposed in terms of placement.

EVOS attempted a Lord steal in the 18th minute, but their hopes were dashed as Omega once again showed why they are the best in the bottom bracket.

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