For Arlington Major berths, PSG.LGD forces a four-way tiebreaker

Aug 12, 2022

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Four teams will compete in best-of-one tiebreaker rounds for the three remaining tickets to the PGL Arlington Major in the China Dota Pro Circuit Summer Tour competition, which is expected to come to a dramatic conclusion.

PSG.LGD had a very poor start to this tour despite having totally dominated the first Division of the China DPC for the previous two seasons and being the first team to qualify for The International 11 thanks to their flawless performances in the Winter and Spring Tours.

PSG.LGD found itself in the peculiar position of being the first team to qualify for TI1, but also the team to play each of the remaining series in the league schedule to escape relegation, due to three losses in the first half of the Summer Tour league.

PSG.LGD’s final regular-season game was against Team Aster, and both teams had equal interests in the outcome. A win over Aster would have forced a four-way tiebreaker for the three remaining tickets to the PGL Arlington Major for the Chinese region, while a loss against Aster would have sent PSG.LGD to Division 2.

In light of this, PSG.LGD went on to destroy Aster with two of the league’s quickest game victories in China Division 1. They concentrated on getting Wang “Ame” Chunyu, who got to play Naga Siren in game one and Bristleback in game two, a very strong lane presence in both drafts. Wang “Ame” Chunyu delivered a deathless prelude in the under one-hour series victory. In both games, PSG.LGD accumulated a gold advantage of roughly 20k within the first 20 minutes, forcing Aster to make the GG call at the 24-minute mark.

PSG.LGD, Team Aster, Xtreme Gaming, and Aster.Aries will compete in a best-of-one tiebreaker this coming Sunday, July 17, at 06:00 CEST to decide which three will join Royal Never Give Up as China representatives at the final Major of the year before TI11.

Additionally, on Sunday, once the matches to determine the second through fifth places are completed, EHOME and Vici Gaming will compete in a best-of-three tiebreaker match with relegation on the line.

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