Falcon Esports: Is It OP? RSG PH Affirms

Jun 28, 2022

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No one anticipated Falcon Esports making it past the group stage when they were paired with two prominent MLBB teams, Todak and Onic Esports.

They surprised everyone by drawing with Todak and, most surprisingly, sweeping MLBB powerhouse Onic Indonesia, which ultimately sent them to the airport.

The outcome finally gave Falcon Esports the confidence to face anyone. It was a major shocker in the MLBB landscape. They identified two clubs they wanted to play during the post-game press conference.

“RSG PH and RRQ because they’re the champions of MPL PH and MPL Indonesia,” said Pyae Sone “JustiN” Khant, a midlaner.

Their hope was granted when Falcon was awarded the opportunity to compete against RSG PH in the higher bracket. The Raiders eventually destroyed them in Game 3, despite their gallant efforts, as Johnson and Beatrix handed them a commanding comeback victory in Game 2.

Coach Karl “Giee” Barrientos of RSG received significant acclaim despite their lower bracket placement.

What RSG PH believes Falcon Esports to be

A pretty good team is Falcon Esports. They are incredibly disciplined and really special, he remarked.

“If I think they’re OP? Yeah, that’s absolutely accurate! I think they practice a lot,” he continued.

When questioned about the largest threat, he immediately named the one player that came dangerously close to overthrowing the Raiders: “The gold laner, Silent.”

Even his gold lane adversary Eman “EMANN” Sangco expressed admiration for him, saying: “Perhaps Silent is one of the good Beatrix users.”

Despite their skill, Jonard Cedrix “Demonkite” Caranto exposed some weaknesses in their approach to play.

“I personally think their early game is weak for me because they cannot execute it well but in the late game, they have so much discipline, so much mechanical skills that they can come back even with the big gap,” the RSG PH jungler said.

RSG wasn’t the only person to praise the squad, though, as Blacklist’s Coach Kristoffer “BON CHAN” Ricaplaza said in a vlog that Falcon Esports managed to go beyond the difficulties they had.

“Bakit nga ba ang lakas nila ngayon? [why are they powerful now?]  Kung naalala nyo nagkaroon ng problema sa country nila na kung saan nagkaroon ng martial law and natigil ang mga ML competition, [as you remember there was a problem occurred in their country which martial law implemented and the ML competition stopped] so magtataka kayo bakit ang lakas ng Myanmar? [so, are you wondering why Myanmar are powerful?]”

He added: “Since Season 7, noong nagkaroon ng problema yung country nila, [when there was a problem in their country] hindi sila tumitigil mag-practice [they never stop practicing]. Panay namin silang naka-scrim hanggang dumating sa point na tinanong namin sila, [ we always scrim them until we got to the point where we ask them] ‘Bakit kayo nagpra-practice? [why you guys are practicing?] Ano ba pinaghahandaan niyo? [what are you guys preparing for?]’

Finally, BON CHAN disclosed the solution.: “Dahil mahal nila ang laro at ayaw nilang mawala sa laro [because they love the game and they don’t want to missed the game] just in case na ma-lift yung restrictions sa country nila. [just in case the restriction will be lift in their country]”

The MSC also demonstrated Falcon’s enthusiasm for MLBB by revealing that they have other tricks in their sleeves.

Midlaner JustiN stated, “This is our first time participating in the MSC, this is our first experience, and there are many things that we are still hiding. We also want our followers to keep watching us because we will arrive when we want to.

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