Dota: Dragon’s Blood Book 3 Trailer Is Available on Netflix

Jul 24, 2022

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August 11 marked the release of the first official trailer for DOTA: Dragon’s Blood third season.

The first glimpse of the season’s plot may be found in the Book 3 trailer. The fan-anticipated meeting between Davion, the Dragon Knight, Invoker, and their friends appears to finally have occurred. Terrorblade might meet his end this season, and with it, a new cycle of life can begin. Mirana’s entire strength was awakened at the end of the previous season, and Davion absorbed the dragon souls.

The teaser includes a line from Mirana that might be another indication that Terrorblade will ultimately be beaten in Bok 3. “It’s a new world out there,” she adds.

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Book 3 will debut on August 11, which is a remarkably quick turnaround for Studio Mir, the show’s animation studio, which was prepared for Book 2’s January release. Similar to the first two seasons, Book 3 will be released all at once and consist of eight episodes, each lasting about 25 minutes.

The game’s update that day featured a new custom game mode and was timed perfectly with the publication of Netflix’s teaser.

Holdout: Dark Moon is a five-man custom mode where the players must cooperate to defend Selemene’s temple through 15 rounds and numerous waves of enemies until they face the final monster. The players have a small hero pool from which to choose. Only this weekend, from July 14 to July 18, can be used to play the event.

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