Despite Rough Start, Omega Squeezes Their Way to a Playoff Spot

Jun 27, 2022

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AFTER RSG PH, it was time for Omega Esports, the defending MSC champions, to showcase their skills on the big stage. They were also able to secure a playoff berth, exactly like their local rivals. It only required some effort to get them there.

They began with a stunning 1 to 1 series match against Thai team IDNS, but they were able to redeem themselves with a 1to1 tie versus RRQ Hoshi, one of their most vehement opponents. In their confrontations, both games disclose some of Omega’s flaws, but history has shown that a deadlier team might emerge during the playoffs.

The game between the reigning MSC champions and their Thai opponents IDONOTSLEEP (IDNS) was essentially a warm-up for Barangay Omega in Game 1.

The explosiveness of their opponents startled IDNS from the opening of Game 1. IDNS couldn’t get a foothold in the botlane despite Joshua “Ch4knu” Mangilog and Patrick James “E2MAX” Caidic marshaling Duane “Kelra” Pillas. They were able to oppose Dean Christian “Raizen” Samagui’s Fanny with Hilda, but it didn’t matter because Raizen had a far easier time dominating the forest.

The score in Game 1 said it all: the defending MSC champions led with a score of 17 to 1. After a crushing Game 1 victory, one might expect more of the same in Game 2, but IDNS proved that they weren’t going to sleep lightly.  This undeniably left Omega astonished.

In the early game, Loysss’ Fanny dominated Barangay Omega. Then, with IZY’s 19th minute Lord theft and, most crucially, the 22nd minute surprise lead by ZanRi’s Natalia and Angelinaa’s Xavier, IDNS surprised Omeda as they made vital game-changing moves. Raizen and Kelra were also targeted by IDNS, resulting in the Thai team stunning the defending champions.

Fortunately for Omega, their playoff berth was secured owing to their competitors, RRQ, who swept over the rising Thai-based squad. Omega held the advantage based on the MSC’s match duration judgment, as they were able to blitz their way to a 17 to 1 win over IDNS, giving them the tiebreaker edge. Furthermore, Omega was able to defeat RRQ in Game 2, securing their playoff position.

While they were defeated by Calvin “VYN’s” Franco in Game 1, Game 2 was their redemption arc. Omega unveiled their hidden plans in Game 2 when they switched to a more objective-centric gameplan, despite their teamfight proficiency being a fixture since the MPL-S9 season.

It paid off since Duane “Kelra” Pillas had a lot more room to work with. With his Khufra, Joshua “Ch4knu” Mangilog was able to frighten his opponents.

This was demonstrated on the final play, when he made a surprise appearance that catapulted his side to a playoff berth and an opportunity to defend their MSC trophy.

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