Boom and Tundra Esports Secure Their Second Consecutive Major Appearance

Jul 14, 2022

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Two additional teams purchased their tickets for the PGL Arlington Major at the conclusion of week 5 of the Dota Pro Circuit Summer Tour league season.

In order to improve on the outcomes of the last Major, BOOM Esports and Tundra Esports will both be joining the 18-team lineup for the PGL Arlington Major in August. For BOOM Esports, that means aiming for a position higher than the 9th or 12th in the Stockholm Major, while Tundra will need to make it to the championship round for an even stronger Major run.

BOOM Esports retweeted Mushi’s tweet saying this:

BOOM Esports


“my coach! 👑”

In a tweet by Mushi:



“Now is a good time to give ourselves a pat on the back. It feels great that the team is now at a better shape. But we are not celebrating just yet. Still a long journey ahead. We will make sure to prepare hard. See you in Texas. I should be able to make it this time.”

None of these two teams has been guaranteed a seat at The International 11 despite having qualified for both of the year’s Majors. Only the top 12 in the DPC rankings will be guaranteed a spot, and as of right now, BOOM is in eleventh place with 722.5 DPC Points while Tundra is in ninth with 762. The final week of the regular season will determine the final seeding and the DPC points that the two of them will receive, while the Summer Tour regional league schedule still has a week left to go. Both of them stand a solid chance of finishing as the top seed in their respective regions.

After playing every match in the Southeast Asia Division 1 competition, BOOM Esports is in first place with a 6-1 series record. However, Talon Esports, who are trailing BOOM by a mere 5-1 series score, still had one match to play on the Tour’s last week. A win for them would push BOOM to a tiebreaker to determine which team finishes first overall.

With a 5-1 series score and one more match scheduled for the final week of the league season, Tundra Esports and OG are tied for first place in the Western European Division 1 league:

  • July 12, 18:00 CEST – Tundra Esports vs Gaimin Gladiators
  • July 13, 15:00 CEST – OG vs Team Liquid

Only four teams have secured reservations for the PGL Arlington Major thus far, despite the fact that the Summer Tour regional league calendar is entering its last week. In addition to BOOM and Tundra, OG have commitments for the Major and Royal Never Give Up.

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