Big Mistake! In the Film Valorant, Neon Makes a Startling Entrance

Jul 1, 2022

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In their most recent Valorant episodic short, “Dimension,” RIOT GAMES has injected additional Pinoy flavor to their cinematics by making Filipino agent Neon the star of the show alongside Killjoy and Reyna. Neon originally made an appearance in one of the animated shorts in the game.

The three heroines of the novel travel to different dimensions to find out more about radianite.

How did Neon establish herself in her debut, then? Following the destruction of her bioelectric radianite device by a soldier, Neon snaps and gives over her pistol. Then Neon charges for the soldiers, shooting electricity bolts at them, giving them a startling surprise.

The words “Malaking pagkakamali” may be seen in the background.

New Pearl map from Riot Games is revealed.

The spotlight was also shone on two additional agents. While Killjoy finds a method to shield her friends during their escape, Reyna outperforms competitor Viper despite her poisonous smokescreen.

A new map called Pearl will be included in the forthcoming Valorant patch when the three heroines travel into another universe.

The Valorant agents were treated as heroes and immortalized in statues inside an underwater dome in the next map of the game’s multiverse of lunacy.

Given their most recent cinematic, fans have been speculating about the possibility of a Valorant universe-focused television series being developed, much like Riot Games did with Arcane in League of Legends.

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