Are MSC MVP Honors for Aqua Meritorious? Weigh In, Coaches Yeb and Panda

Jul 1, 2022

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Given the MVP awards they received at the previous three significant international MLBB competitions, it was evident that the Philippine gold laners ruled supreme.

Duane “Kelra” Pillas won the accolade back in MSC 2021, and Kiel “Oheb” Soriano won the coveted trophy during the M3 World Championship.

Eman “EMANN” Sangco followed in their footsteps in the recently ended MSC 2022.

“Eman ‘EMANN’ Sangco was picked as the MVP of the MSC 2022 because of his amazing in-game performance from the Group Stage to the Grand Finals, in which he played 21 games overall, 9 of which he was MVP, with an average KDA of 6.7,” a MOONTON spokesman told

Others might contend that Arvie “Aqua” Antonio deserves it equally as much as his gold lane teammate, especially if EMANN had a strong MSC 2022 finals performance versus RRQ.

Here are some arguments in favor of Aqua.

Aqua was the glue that kept the squad together, according to MSC shoutcaster Dan “Leo” Cubangay, all because of the skill that he demonstrated during the finals.

And this was clear throughout the entire series, but Game 3’s Lord fight, in which he defeated the team’s Lord at the 20-minute mark, was particularly noteworthy.

Nevertheless, he wasn’t the only one who was pleased with his performances. Paul Denver “Yeb” Miranda, the former head coach of Aqua, gave his opinion of Aqua’s performance in the championship game to

“Based on his performance, kitang kita naman na MVP [it is obvious that he is the MVP] quality siya [He is qualified] in terms of great positioning sa [on] clash, on point skill shots, very good timing lahat ng dapat trabaho ng mage/midlane [ excellent timing in all aspect is the job of mage/midlane] nagawa niya ng sobrang galing nung finals [He did that a good job in finals]. Nagtu-turn around ng clash sobrang lupet [The clash was epic],” the previous Onic PH coach stated.

“Minsan off positioning si EMANN, [sometimes EMANN is off positioning ” he said. “Hindi natatapos ang game due to Aqua [The game wasn’t able to finish due to Aqua]. Pwede mong I-check yung numbers [you can check the numbers], nakakababa ng deaths niya sa series na iyon [his deaths are low in that series] “

He also reflected on Aqua’s development as a player, from one of the scene’s most underestimated players to one of the finest midlaners.

“Sobrang natutuwa ako kay Aqua [I am so glad to Aqua]. After Season 6, tinanggal siya ng Blacklist at mapupunta siya sa amateur tapos kinuha ko sa Cignal [he has been removed in balcklist and he will be on amateur then I got the Cignal]. 0 to 13 naman kami tapos ngayon MPL and MSC champ na siya [ we have 0 to 13 and now we are in MPL and MSC camp]. Sobrang nakakaproud. [it’s an honor]”

However, Coach Yeb also mentioned Sangco in his compliments.

“Ok lang magpasintabi nalang kay EMANN [it’s okay, let’s excuse it to EMANN]. I mean opinion ko lang, no hate sa kanya [I mean only my opinion, no hate for him].”

Aqua’s general accomplishments are praised by Coach Panda.

Coach Yeb was not the only head coach to compliment his star player in an interview with; Brian “Panda” Lim of RSG PH was also pleased with him.

Regarding Aqua’s performance, I thought it was fantastic. Aqua is one of the very few players for whom I have little constructive criticism to provide because they have excellent positioning skills, excellent skill accuracy, and survival instincts.

Aqua’s general accomplishments are praised by Coach Panda. 

Coach Yeb was not the only head coach to compliment his star player in an interview with; Brian “Panda” Lim of RSG PH was also pleased with him.

Then, when questioned if he deserved the MVP award, Panda answered, “Do I believe Aqua deserves to win the MVP? Every player did, but Aqua in particular I thought deserved to be named MVP.

Coach Panda is aware of the nature of his position.

You have to make a lot of sophisticated micro movements as a jungler, followed by retribution and kills, of course. You might like to choose flamboyant sets for the tank. Nakita natin si Nathzz, zoning tapos mga micro, tapos EXP lane.

” Emna is in Gold Lane, lots of kills, damage, and fancy plays. But because they are entirely reliant on skills, Aqua’s heroes aren’t very heroic in nature. Therefore, Aqua ought to receive greater attention from the MSC, but overall, EMANN also merits it.”

But the head coach of RSG PH can’t expect anything more from his developing young team. “I’m just thrilled even if I don’t earn MVP from my players,” the athlete said.

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