Alliance is the First Team in Western Europe’s DPC League to be dropped to Division 2

Jul 30, 2022

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The final leg of the 2022 Dota Pro Circuit tour is almost over.

Unfortunately, Alliance has lost the fight to remain in Division 1. Being matched up against OG, the Spring Tour Major champions and top team in the Summer Tour Western Europe league, in their final week of the 2022 DPC, didn’t produce any instant results.

In the lobby for Alliance’s series versus OG was Ukrainian player Oleg “Eternal Sadness” Kuzemsky. He had little to no prior experience playing in the top echelons of Dota 2 competition. Broodmother is his most played hero in public matchmaking, which alone led OG to decide against taking any chances with his greatest hero. He appears to be a micro-oriented sort of player. Along with a few other safe picks that might have enabled Alliance to pull off the upset, Brood was first bannable in both games.

OG vs Alliance

For OG, who needed one more victory to guarantee a return to the Majors, this series was crucial. They had an easy time in game one, but in game two they didn’t have the finest initiation options and played right into an Aliwi “w33” Omar Skywrath Mage’s hands, which gave Alliance a good lead for the first third of the game. However, a team battle won at the 28-minute mark in the mid lane beneath Alliance’s tier-2 tower radically changed the course of the match, and within the following minutes, OG was able to secure the victory and end the series with yet another convincing 2-0 triumph.

In a tweet by Adam:



“div 1 to div 2 to div 1 to div 2 to div 1 to div 2”

The victory gives OG a 5-1 series record overall in the regional league and a ticket to the PGL Arlington Major in August. Alliance suffers a terrible Summer Tour series record of 0-6 as a result, which relegates them to Division 2. Not everything is lost, though, if you want to attend The International 2022.

Alliance, along with OG and Fnatic, are among the first teams directly invited to ESL One Malaysia, where they will compete in regional qualifiers and have a great chance to experience a final test before those there.

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