Top Ten Teams With the Most Wins in the History of the ODI Format in Cricket

Jun 5, 2022

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There have been around 25 nations that have played the ODI format of the game as compared to the 12 that have played so there is a lot more scope for more countries to play the shorter format of cricket. There have been 12 major nations that have played more ODI cricket as compared to others. So, let’s see which are the Top 10 teams with the most wins in ODIs. 1. AUSTRALIA (581 WINS AND COUNTING):  There is no doubt that Australia has been the greatest ODI playing country in the world and the fact that they have won ICC ODI world cups is proof of that. And especially the era from 1997-2007 where they won Three consecutive world cups, they were just dominating every other team. They have played 958 ODI matches till now and have won 581 out of those and they have also been beaten 334 times by other teams as well and more so in the last 10 years. 2. INDIA (518 WINS AND COUNTING):  India is the second-best team in ODI history after the mighty Australian team and they have been a very consistent team over the 5 decades they have played ODI cricket. They have had some of the best players like Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, etc. They have played 999 ODI matches with the 1000th being played against the West Indies next month. They have lost 431 times as well and in future India will hopefully win more matches than lose 3. PAKISTAN (490 WINS AND COUNTING):  Pakistan is the third-best ODI team in history and they have been very dominant against India in the 1980s and the other teams as well with fast bowling and reverse swing. They have played a total of 936 ODI matches till now and they have been beaten 417 times by the other nations as well. The future looks bright for the Pakistan team in ODIs. 4. WEST INDIES (406 WINS AND COUNTING):  West Indies was the best team from 1974-to 1983 when they had the greatest team in the world and they used to mow over the other teams and bully them to win matches. They have played a total of 834 ODI matches and if these matches, other teams had started beating the West Indies from 1990 regularly hence they have 388 losses so far. 5. SRI LANKA (395 WINS AND COUNTING):  This is the Third team from Asia to feature inside the Top 5 of this list and it shows that Asia has been the best continent as far as ODI cricket goes and out of the 870 ODI matches Sri Lanka has played they have lost 432 times by other teams and that is not great and hopefully the win-loss record improves. 6. SOUTH AFRICA (391 WINS AND COUNTING):  South Africa has one of the most impressive win-loss records in ODIs and they have always had a great team to play this format of the game. They have played 638 ODI matches and have only lost 221 matches till now which is very impressive and the hope is this record continues to get better. 7. ENGLAND (384 WINS AND COUNTING):  Seeing the reigning ODI world champions at this place in this list shows that their ODI cricket has not been this glorious all the time. Out of a total of 761 ODI matches played they have also been beaten 339 times and only since 2015 have they become the best ODI team the hope of English fans is this team wins a lot more ODI matches. 8. NEW ZEALAND (354 WINS AND COUNTING):  New Zealand is a team that is universally liked by everyone because they play cricket the way it should be played. They are also a good ODI team but their win-loss record can get better. Out of 775 ODI matches that they have played, they have lost 374 of them but they are a team that has reached the final of the last two ODI world cups so the future is very bright for the Kiwis. 9. ZIMBABWE (140 WINS AND COUNTING):  Zimbabwe is a team that has played a lot of ODI matches and this is also their best format of the game. They have played a total of 541 ODIs and have only won 140 of those and lost a huge 381 matches. They were the best associate team in ODIs. 10. BANGLADESH (136 WINS AND COUNTING):  The last team to round off this list is Bangladesh and they have been a team of good players over the years but never fully realized their potential. They have played 388 ODI matches and have been beaten 245 times which is not a good look and hopefully going forward their record improves.
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