Best CPL Betting Strategies Explained

Sep 13, 2021

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With the Caribbean Premier League nearing completion, making money from it now should be your only aim. This is the period where the action is swelling up, teams competing for the top title, and the players also trying to improve their player stats. Having the best strategies on your corner this period can see you wave goodbye to the 2021 CPL tournament with a big smile and money in your pocket. We have provided you some of the best betting strategies for you to use when betting on CPL. Use them and note the difference in your betting system.
  1. Find value to your bets. Different bookies offer different odds to a match. The odds that you pick to place your bet on should make you more money than all the other odds in the market. Analyze the different bookies at hand and identify the one that offers the highest and place your bet on it. If this means that you open accounts with different bookies, they do so. Get value to your bets at all costs.
  2. Trust data more than your guts Emotions and betting never work well. Gut feelings are emotions. The information that you gather should help you make an informed decision rather than deciding on what team to bet on by using your gut feeling. Also, avoid betting on results that cannot be foreseen statistically such as coin toss and whether a team’s final score will be an even or an odd number. These are referred to as prop bets. Gathering information on the playing team can see you place bets like top batsman or top bowler because they are supported statistically.
  3. Research more Cricket is one of the sports that is affected adversely by playing conditions. Weather mostly affects the games and the results. This is because different weather conditions affect the game differently. Make sure you are aware of what weather is on the day of what match. Also, the pitch o play can influence the results. This is because a field level in a certain way can be biased to either the bowler or the batsman. Gather as much information as you can. Information is power and power is money. Ensure you have all the information you need like players’ statistics, the team playing, injury reports, and any other factor that can affect the match and judge according.
  4. Make use of live betting We aim to make more cash. Betting in live betting increases your chances of winning. You can predict what team will win in the live betting although the odds are likely to be lower. Regardless of the odds, make sure you don’t rush to place your bets or take too long but just the right time. Even if you win just a little cash, it’s something compared to losing. Make an informed decision.
These strategies are likely to make you cash in the ongoing CPL matches. Make sure you use them and be amazed at what they can do. Don’t forget to read other articles on betting on cricket to have more information.
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