Advanced Cricket Betting Tips

Sep 13, 2021

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As you advance your cricket game betting skills, you not only become better at betting but also gain insight as to why Ravin Shastri, the head coach of the India National Cricket Team is seeking to accomplish with his team in the ongoing Caribbean Premier League. You get to understand how they apply the cricket strategies to win. Also, your chances of winning in your bets increase because you can predict a match better than you could before. It is important to always know that Strategy applied in cricket is always the overarching plan that brings you the victory you need. Betting strategies vary from sports like football to those of tennis and baseball. As sure enough, cricket strategies are different from those of other sports. So as a professional cricket punter that you are turning to, don’t ever think of confusing the strategies for cricket with other sports. Below, we have compiled for you advanced betting tips on cricket that are for professionals and have been proven to be functional and they do pay.
  1. The game formats There are three main cricket game formats namely Test, ODI, and the T20.The Test cricket format is the oldest and the longest known cricket format. It is played for five days and is played with 90 overs bowled on one single day. You can compare Test matches to chess at times because you have teams that are battling it out with their opponents and trying to build the biggest score while they also try to bowl out other teams cheaply.The ODI match format (One Day International) is a match of 100 overs that is split to 50 innings for each side and is played on a single day as the day suggests. Since there are only 50 overs available, batsmen try to make a quick and early score while the bowlers take the wickets. T20 matches are the shortest and the most exciting in cricket. Massive shots are normal of the game and cartwheeling stumps are also constant. Now that you understand these formats, knowing what format you are betting on will lead you on the right path. Betting on a match that you thought was a T20 only to realize it was a Test may lead to you losing your bet because players may use different tactics in the game than you have anticipated.
  2. In-play betting Live betting, also known as in-play betting allows punters to bet on an event that is happening in real-time. This type of bet makes bookies update their odds also in real-time. The advantage of live betting is that a team that had low odds can drift and have massive odds and vice versa. As the excitement that comes with this type of bet sinks in, you should know that it takes practice and time to master it. Betting on a team too quickly might lead you to lose while taking too long to place a bet can lead to the odds reducing. Therefore, that is why you need to find a middle ground before placing a bet between your reasoning and trusting your guts.
  3. Claim any welcoming bonuses offered Depending on the bookie that you are using, you can be given a generous promotional bonus. Before accepting these bonuses, you need to read the terms and conditions carefully. They may offer guidelines like placing a bet to certain odds or the bonus having an expiring time frame.
  4. Have a bankroll Although this may sound like a beginner strategy, many punters always fall into the trap of not having a bankroll. Decide on the amount you want to stake and make sure that you do not bet outside your financial ability. Also, a bankroll should be a different amount from your account and it should be money that you can afford to lose and that will not affect your budget.
  5. Never chase loses As earlier stated, only stake on money that you can lose. Also, avoid risking a lot or your entire bankroll on a single bet. In case you lose your bet, you may start chasing bets as you look to recover the lost bets of which it never ends well.
  6. Choose your bookie wisely Many bookies offer cricket betting for you to choose from. Placing your bet on different bookies will lead you to make more profits as you explore different odds. You will start to realize what bookie offers the best odds. Also, check out the deposit and withdrawal process to ensure you are completely okay with it before you gamble your bankroll.
These strategies if learned, practiced, and incorporated I your cricket betting life will see you making more cash. Internalize with them and practice and see the difference that they will bring about with them.
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