3 Best Tips for You to Master Your CPL Betting Strategies

Sep 13, 2021

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Everybody can place a bet on cricket, but very few ever make it to the point of withdrawing their profits, and even fewer ever master their strategies to make cricket matches pay them regularly. There are easier bets to place in cricket for example, by just looking at the team ranking and then placing your bet. But, what will happen if you have two teams who are fairly matched? This is where mastering takes place. Betting on regular cricket can be tricky, but nothing beats betting on CPL(Caribbean Premier League cricket) If you don’t know about CPL also abbreviated as CPLT20, this is a cricket tournament that is held in the Caribbean. it was founded in 2013 by West Indies to replace the Caribbean Twenty20 as the main twenty20 competition in the Caribbean. It has 6 teams competing and the champions are the Trinbago Knight Riders who have won the title 4 times. It started on the 26th of August this year and it will end on the 15th of September. For the remaining days of the tournament, you can be able to make quite a fortune if you follow some of the tips that we have provided for you to master all your betting strategies.
  • Review the pitch report even before the coin toss The coin toss is the one that determines what team will bowl and what team will bat. It can either be done by a coin toss or a bat flip. Pitches and venues are different and will affect the flow of the game either to the bowler’s advantage or maybe to the batting team’s advantage. This is why it is important to review the pitch report before the match even begins to see if it is biased in any way.
  • Look at the team’s form The form of the player or any side is an important tool when it comes to deciding on which team should you bet on. If for example New Zealand matches against the favorites India, but have lost five of their previous games and India have won their last ten matches, it will certainly be a favorable match to India because New Zealand will likely be under pressure and be prone to make blunders while India will be composed and confident. However, the form does not guarantee that the favorite of the match will win. That is what makes sports exciting, unpredictability. Also, make sure you consider the team’s calendar before placing your bet.
  • Explore different markets Cricket, like any other sport, presents a wide range of the market to choose from. Different bookies will see you shorten or lengthen your odds hence the change in your bet value will change too. This is why it is important to look into all markets and find value before placing your bet.
You can use these tips to help you master your betting strategies even more.
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