12 Rules to Use if You Want to Win Big in Cricket Betting

Jun 7, 2022

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When it comes to cricket, things are not as easy as when betting on other games. You need facts to bet on cricket. Strategies come in handy when making your punting decision too. Whether you subscribe to superstition or raw facts, below are some tested and proven facts that can help you win some more in your cricket betting. 1. DO THE RESEARCH Before you start making cricket bets, try to get a good enough understanding of the process you are going to participate in. This applies to both the basics of cricket betting and the rules of the cricket game itself. The more knowledge you have on these topics, the better. Dedicate some time to learning more about both sports and statistics. It will help you validate the reliability of betting predictions or make your own. Understanding the principles which influence the match outcomes and amounts of profit will help you maximize your earnings. 2. ANALYZE THE TEAMS Before you place your wager in favor of a particular cricket team it can be useful to analyze their recent performance. Check the winning statistics from their recent matches to understand if they are in good shape. Look through the data for both teams participating in the game. Even if the team is believed to be strong, try to spot the factors that can affect its performance. This may include the participation or temporary absence of particular players or the conditions in which the match is held, like the pitch type. 3. CHECK THE WEATHER The weather can have a huge impact on the results of a cricket match, so look through the forecast beforehand. For starters, make sure there will not be any extreme weather conditions that could cause the game’s postponement. There can be smaller impacts as well: for instance, scores are usually higher when the weather is fine and sunny. Humid air makes it difficult to grip a ball, which can become an advantage for the batting team, and the wind can change the trajectory of a soaring ball’s path. 4. PICK YOUR FAVORITE BETTING STRATEGY The optimal cricket betting strategy partially depends on your level of expertise. It can be better for a newbie to stick to safer methods with lower profit potential and higher winning chances. However, sports betting has no one-size-fits-all pattern. The only way to determine the best one for you would be through trying out various methods and analysing the outcomes afterward. 5. PLACE BETS WISELY Sheer luck can bring you good outcomes once in a while, but it can also lead to losing money. Careful research will help minimise the chance of the latter. Set clear priorities and look for opportunities that match them. Only by paying attention to the latest expert tips and predictions, can you compare your thoughts to them. Look through several sources before making your final decision. 6. DON’T RELY ON ACCUMULATOR BETS Picking all the strongest teams and placing an accumulator wager may seem to most punters like a shortcut to making a good profit, but it isn’t. The chances of losing are higher than in any other type of wager. So if you want to try out an accumulator bet, you should use bankroll management. Don’t place too much of your betting money there — instead, prepare some safer backup options. 7. TRY LIVE BETTING In-play betting would be a useful option if you weren’t able to place the wager you wanted before the game started. However, that is not the only reason to try this kind of betting. As the game goes on, its outcome becomes easier to predict. Alternatively, go for simulated reality league betting. Such tournaments as Simulated Reality League IPL and SRL Big Bash League are great options in off-season periods. 8. LOOK FOR LESS OBVIOUS MATCHES TO BET ON When you gain some confidence in your betting-related knowledge and skills, you can search for more diverse options to place your cricket bets on. There are sources of possible profit among the cricket markets with less popularity. Betting odds are higher for the matches that are harder to predict. It will give you more chances to win. Look through various cricket tournaments, for example, try cricket world cup betting and you might get lucky! 9. MANAGE YOUR BANKROLL Since money betting always involves risks, keeping track of your finances is essential for avoiding failure. Avoid placing overly large stakes on a single match. Keep it down to 1-2% of your bankroll, and even if you are sure of winning, don’t allow it to exceed 10%. Keep in mind that some online cricket bets do not give the expected payoff. Even if you are going to make betting on cricket the main source of your income, you should have enough money saved to cover living expenses. 10. DON’T BET MORE THAN YOU CAN AFFORD Many newbie bettors hope to make money immediately, but placing huge stakes from the very beginning can backfire. When you are new to betting sites or trying out a new strategy, start with small amounts of money. When you gain confidence in your skills, you can increase your bets gradually, but make sure you will have enough money left for living. 11. STAY CALM IF YOU LOSE When one is frustrated by an unexpected failure, it’s easy to start making more bets without any calculations. But such behaviour only leads to more lost money. That’s why it’s essential not to allow negative emotions to gain control over your decisions. If you lose a bet, the best thing you can do is use this experience to learn how to start earning money. Take a break and try to analyse the factors that led to the failure. It will keep you from repeating similar mistakes in the future. 12. READ ASTROLOGY PREDICTIONS If your research and analysis haven’t given you enough confidence to place the bet, you can try reading astrology predictions. Sometimes the prognosis based on the principles of astrology happen to match with reality more than any other predictions. It can also help you make the final decision if the statistical chances don’t seem to make a difference.
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