Woman Sailors and Dream secure the top two semifinal spots

Feb 7, 2024

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MANILA, Philippines – It was a gripping encounter at Ayala Mall Market Market on a Monday evening, the Philippine Navy-Go For Gold staged a remarkable comeback, securing an exhilarating 18 to 17 victory against Uratex and dealing the latter their first setback in the Women’s PBA Invitational. The face-off between two undefeated teams added an extra layer of intensity to the match, and the Lady Sailors emerged victorious, showcasing their resilience and skill.

The turning point in the game unfolded in the closing moments, with Afril Bernardino and Marizze Andrea Tongco playing pivotal roles in the Lady Sailors’ comeback. A strategic give-and-go move executed by Bernardino and a clutch shot by Tongco brought the score level at 17 to 17. The 27-year-old Bernardino then displayed finesse with a flawless spin move past Kaye Pingol, scoring the decisive point with just four seconds remaining, sealing the victory as the final bell rang.

The dynamic duo of Bernardino and Tongco contributed significantly in the late-game surge, with six of the final seven points credited to their exceptional efforts. Bernardino finished with seven points, while Tongco added six, showcasing their individual prowess and their ability to perform under pressure.

Uratex, who had enjoyed a commanding early-game advantage and led by as much as 8 to 2, faced a heartbreaking defeat as the Lady Sailors staged a remarkable comeback. Angelica Anies led the Dream with six points, but the resilient performance by the Philippine Navy-Go For Gold ultimately overshadowed Uratex’s early dominance.

Despite this triumphant victory, the Philippine Navy’s subsequent 15 to 13 overtime loss to Gilas-A highlighted the team’s challenges in maintaining consistency and responding effectively to different game scenarios. The setback against Gilas-A served as a reminder that every victory must be followed by continuous improvement and strategic adjustments.

In conclusion, the electrifying match at Ayala Mall Market Market showcased the competitive spirit and determination of the Philippine Navy-Go For Gold as they secured a dramatic comeback victory against Uratex. The game’s intensity, fueled by the clash between two undefeated teams, provided a thrilling spectacle for fans and emphasized the unpredictable nature of sports, underscoring the importance of adaptability and resilience in the pursuit of success in the Women’s PBA Invitational.

The Lady Sailors forced overtime thanks to Bernardino’s heroics, as the leading scorer for eight points, but Camille Clarin, a member of the national team, sealed the victory for Gilas with two clutch free throws in the extra session.

As the Lady Sailors ended up splitting first place with the Dream, it was also their first defeat in the elimination round.

Prior to the crossover semi-finals scheduled for February 19 at Ayala Mall Glorietta, the Philippine Navy, and Uratex have already secured the top two slots.

An amazing tiebreaker scenario to determine the semifinalists, Gilas-A, Gilas-B, and Angelis Resort ended the preliminary rounds with identical 2 to 3 records, sharing the third to fifth place rankings. Angelis Resort’s earlier triumph over Gilas-B (19 to 18) had ignited their hopes, but a subsequent unfortunate loss to the Philippine Air Force shattered their chances of advancing.

Despite an earlier setback against Gilas-B (22 to 12), the Air Force, also managing the game, secured a crucial victory, marking their first triumph in five games. The tight competition and tiebreaker situation underscored the unpredictable nature of the tournament, leaving Angelis Resort on the sidelines and allowing Gilas-A and Gilas-B to progress to the semifinals. The Air Force’s turnaround highlighted the resilience and adaptability required in sports, adding a layer of excitement and suspense to the intense battle for a spot in the Women’s PBA Invitational semifinals.

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