When Japan offers him a three-year TNT contract, RR Pogoy declines

Jun 27, 2023

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RR Pogoy is standing still.

The TNT Tropang GIGA reported that its biggest talent had signed a three-year contract extension, keeping him in the PBA for the majority of his prime.

Although the new contract’s terms have not been made public, reports claim that the compensation and bonus package is sizable enough to compete with offers from Japan B.League teams.

Two people close to the Cebuano gunner revealed that Pogoy’s decision was also greatly influenced by his allegiance to the MVP organization.

A seven-year pro out of Far Eastern University got offers from B.League teams with monthly salaries that above seven figures, according to Pogoy’s agent, Edgar Mangahas.

However, the 31-year-old ultimately thinks the PBA is where he will find success.

But what kind of offer are Japanese teams making to RR Pogoy?

One of the worst kept secrets in the PBA since the start of the COVID outbreak is talk of Roger Pogoy being courted by clubs in the Japan B. League.

Now that the rumors have been shown to be genuine, they can no longer be discounted as office gossip.

Mangahas was hesitant to reveal the value of the offers the TNT star is receiving, but a source from a team interested in the sniper confirmed to me how expensive the package is.

In the first year, it begins at P1.2 million every month. Additionally, Roger’s subsequent three-year extension will pay him P1.3 million, P1.4 million, and P1.5 million per month, respectively, assuming he performs as well as many anticipate he will.

When Mikey Williams’ contract came up for renegotiation a few conferences ago, TNT reportedly matched the offer sheet, making the brilliant but unpredictable Williams one of the highest-paid players in the PBA.

When asked if his client will depart for Japan on the first plane when his contract expires, Manghas expresses doubt.

Pogoy’s current contract is not as lucrative as what Japan is currently offering, but it is also not cheap.

He has a max deal that goes way, way up after bonuses, incentives, and a five-figure living allowance kick in, claims a source with knowledge of the issue.

The player’s determination to stay at home for less is commendable given that Maverick Ahanmisi, a Converge unrestricted free agent, is reportedly asking for P900, 000 per month.

While some may consider the move as a poor business choice, others may see it as a breath of fresh air in a league where many players have dabbled in “ligang labas” games in an effort to earn more money.

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