RoS, who has had enough of relaxation, wants to finish their Jones Cup campaign well

Aug 22, 2023

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MANILA, Philippines – The 42nd Jones Cup campaign for the RAIN or SHINE Elasto Painters is currently underway, and they are eager to finish the competition on a good note. The team anticipates a much-needed day of rest after a string of hard games in the hopes of finding relief from the pressure on their worn-out legs.

At the Taipei Heping Gymnasium, their tournament journey began with a thrilling matchup against the Japan U-22 squad. The club had begun an arduous program under the direction of coach Yeng Guiao, playing six games back-to-back over the period of a week. The challenging nature of the demanding schedule was reflected in the tough sequence’s end result, a 1-5 record.

In the midst of this effort, a standout play occurred in a tough match against Iran that required two overtimes. The team’s persistent resolve was rewarded with a triumphant 98-90 victory as a result of this outstanding display of resilience and toughness.

But difficulties also weighed on their path. In a recent game, Rain or Shine took on Anyang KGC, the current Korean Basketball League (KBL) champion, and ultimately lost 87-77. This match demonstrated the fierce competition that goes along with such prominent competitions.

The rankings depict a competitive landscape as the Jones Cup takes shape. With records of 1-4, Japan and Iran are in a similar position as the Elasto Painters, just one point ahead. The tournament environment is made more intriguing by the complex web of wins and defeats.

Japan’s victory over Iran, a hard-fought match that ended with a score of 73-72, was a huge step forward for the team as they earned their first victory. With these factors at play, every game assumes greater significance and shapes the road to the championship.

On Sunday, Rain or Shine and the powerful University of Irvine team squared off in the week-long event’s finale. Notably, the American squad and Chinese Taipei-A will face off in this match against two unbeaten front-runners who each have a stellar 5-0 record. With a 4-1 record, Anyang KGC has cemented their place as one of the leading contenders. With a 3-3 record, Qatar holds a key spot in the standings, while Chinese Taipei-B (2-3) and the United Arab Emirates (2-4) continue to add to the exciting storyline of the competition. Read the next news to view details of this match.

The 42nd Jones Cup adventure of the RAIN OR SHINE Elasto Painters, which included perseverance, highs and lows, and an unwavering spirit, captures the essence of competitive athletics. The team exemplifies the genuine spirit of the game as they overcome the remaining obstacles, demonstrating the thrill of international competition as well as the pursuit of perfection.

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