Venice Puzon joins PLDT as a second setter

Jun 14, 2023

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MANILA, Philippines – The two-time NCAA Best Setter Venice Puzon, who has joined PLDT for the much awaited 2023 Premier Volleyball League (PVL) Invitational Conference, is expected to wow the courts. The team made the announcement over the weekend.

Puzon, who has one more year of eligibility with Lyceum, will join PLDT as a guest player and add her extraordinary talents to the composition of the already-impressive team. 

The pro team was thrilled to have Venice Puzon join their lineup. Puzon, a talented setter for the Lyceum Lady Pirates, has twice been named the best setter in the NCAA. The squad expressed their joy at Puzon joining the High Speed Hitters for the forthcoming PVL Invitational Conference in an official statement. Puzon has been given visitor permission for the competition.

Venice Puzon has been added to the roster of PLDT, the organization that manages the High Speed Hitters, in time for the next PVL Invitational Conference. Puzon, a superbly skilled setter for the Lyceum Lady Pirates, contributes a lot of knowledge and abilities to the group. She is notable for having twice been awarded the NCAA’s top setter, demonstrating her extraordinary talent for directing plays and providing precise setups to her teammates.

The team’s message demonstrates how happy they are to welcome Puzon to their ranks. Following their earlier addition of Royse Tubino, a former Army outside hitter, this big move solidifies their team with elite quality for the upcoming season. The arrival of Puzon improves the team’s gameplay and sharpens their competitive edge.

Being able to study under veteran setter Rhea Dimaculangan, who is well-known in the volleyball world, is one great opportunity for Puzon. Puzon’s talents will certainly be further improved by Dimaculangan’s advice and experience, which will also help her advance professionally.

The High Speed Hitters and their supporters anxiously anticipate Puzon and Dimaculangan’s dynamic pair as they combine their talents to lead the squad to triumph as the PVL Invitational Conference draws near. The combination of these two outstanding setters guarantees an exciting and tactical game that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

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