To Alas, Jia de Guzman begs to press on and push forward

May 30, 2024

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MANILA, Philippines – Despite suffering a heartbreaking 23-25, 21-25, 14-25 semifinal loss to Kazakhstan, Alas Pilipinas showed the resilient spirit for which the Filipino people are known in a match that truly tested their mettle. 

The team’s tenacity and steadfast resolve were on full display during the one-hour and thirty-one-minute match.

Jia De Guzman, the leader of the squad and a source of inspiration, was pleased with the way her group performed.

“I’m really proud of the team. I don’t have any other words for it because I feel that we are fighting even though we are at a disadvantage, even though we are chasing, even though we are scored quickly by Kazakhstan,” De Guzman said.

Following the game, De Guzman spent around 20 minutes with her supporters at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum, demonstrating her constant devotion to greatness both on and off the court. This gesture highlighted her passion for the sport and her fans.

The first set demonstrated the Filipinos’ tenacity. Despite having a significant 10–21 deficit, they managed an amazing comeback led by last-minute replacement Arah Panique. They nearly lost the set 23-25 despite a comeback that brought the score down to 22-23. Their unwavering pursuit, even in the face of a powerful foe, demonstrated their determination.

The Philippines has a historic chance in spite of this setback. Throughout the game, the team’s tenacity and spirit of defiance demonstrated their potential for greatness. Each player showed a great deal of commitment to changing the tide against Kazakhstan. Even though they lost by a slim margin, their performance demonstrated their diligence and unwavering resolve.

The Filipinas’ experience in the AVC Challenge Cup has been an emotional rollercoaster with flashes of genius and intense competitiveness. Every game has served as a teaching tool, equipping students for more difficult tasks. Their resilience and will to fight until the very end is what makes them stand out and inspires optimism for further wins.

The team’s continued goal is to use these experiences to forge a stronger, more unified group as they proceed. Their quest of greatness will surely be greatly aided by the devotion of players like De Guzman and Panique as well as the backing of their supporters. Based on their unwavering determination and the knowledge gained from every intense battle, the Filipinas are well-positioned to go on creating history.

They will compete against Australia in the Battle for Bronze to attempt to win the nation’s first-ever medal in a national team competition at the Asian level.

Alas has already defeated the Volleyroos in pool play, coming back from an early set disadvantage to win 25–19, 25–16, and 25–21.

De Guzman gave her teammates a clear message after the game: keep competing and keep pushing. 

Denso’s entry into the V. League highlighted the value of tenacity by drawing comparisons between Vietnam and Kazakhstan, two nations that experienced comparable early-life hardships. 

“Just keep playing. Just keep playing. No matter what happens, just keep playing. Win, lose, you can learn something from the game, you can learn something from your opponent,” she advised her teammates.

De Guzman pointed to Kazakhstan’s and Vietnam’s advancements as examples, pointing out that these teams, which were previously on par with the Philippines, kept playing and became better.

“Kazakhstan was on our level before, they just kept playing. Vietnam was on our level before, they just kept playing. So we, that’s what we will do. We hope that the support will continue so that we can play directly and we can improve as a team.”

The aspirations and desires of a country are being carried by Alas Pilipinas as they prepare for their pivotal encounter against Australia. 

Whether they win or lose, their path has already demonstrated the fortitude and compassion of Filipino athletes.

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