The quiet influence of Kiesha Bedonia fires

Mar 21, 2024

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MANILA, Philippines – PLDT defeats Choco Mucho. Kiesha Bedonia made a huge difference in the five-set match against Choco Mucho, despite her initial four-point contribution appearing insignificant.

During the fourth set of the match at the Filoil EcoOil Centre in San Juan City, Bedonia, a rookie from Far Eastern University, was dropped purposefully from the starting lineup.

However, Bedonia’s efforts really came to the fore in the fifth and final set.

She scored three important points, one of which was a game-changing hit that changed the course of the match.

When she looked back on her performance, Bedonia was happy with how she had contributed to the team’s thirst for triumph and credited their achievement to their hard work and shared will to the Filoil EcoOil Centre.

Bedonia’s inclusion constituted a calculated risk for head coach Rald Ricafort, and it paid off handsomely.

Ricafort emphasized the team’s offseason plan, stressing the importance of bringing in players who can contribute right away as well as those who have long-term potential.

Ricafort clarified, “It’s not just about replenishing slots in the offseason.”

“We seek out people who can truly bolster the performance of our squad, even in the face of formidable challengers like Choco Mucho. The loss of key players to our rival was substantial, but our player acquisition efforts aimed at compensating for the departures and ensuring our team’s competitiveness.”

In addition to Bedonia, PLDT’s lineup featured prominent acquisitions such as Shiela Kiseo, a rookie, and Majoy Baron, Kim Fajardo, and Kianna Dy, former stars of F2 Logistics.

They all worked together to produce a decisive win, which propelled PLDT into a five-way tie for the first spot in the standings, despite Dy’s continued recuperation from injury.

Ricafort continues to have complete faith in Bedonia’s ability.

He said, “She may seem quiet and young, but she is what you call ‘ball is life.’ We know she can deliver when it counts.”

While Creamline and Petro Gazz compete for first place

Creamline and Petro Gazz, who are in a close race for first place in the Premier Volleyball League All-Filipino Conference prelims, go above and beyond to gain a positive standing before they play Capital1 as well as Chery Tiggo, respectively, at the Smart Araneta Coliseum on Thursday.

However, it is expected that the Cool Smashers will defeat the Solar Spikers in their 4 p.m. Today, the Angels prepare for another fierce battle typical of games between the best teams in the league.

A five-way tie for first place at 4-1 (win-loss) between PLDT, Choco Mucho, Creamline, Cignal, and Petro Gazz has resulted from PLDT’s incredible five-set victory over the previously undefeated Choco Mucho team late on Tuesday. This has increased the importance of each match in the single round-robin elimination round as teams compete for coveted spots in the semifinals’ circular motion.

The Cool Smashers, who have a wealth of talent and experience, will be looking to bounce back after a difficult shutout loss to the Chery Tiggo Crossovers last weekend in Sta. Ana. The team is motivated to play the Solar Spikers. Rosa ended a run of four games.

However, when compared to a squad that has a dismal 1-4 record, commentators think Creamline’s overall strength could help the Cool Smashers overcome Capital 1.

Meanwhile, everyone’s attention will be focused on the 6 p.m. Petro Gazz vs. Chery Tiggo match. with the Angels hoping to extend their winning streak to three games following a five-set loss against the Flying Titans on February 27.

On the other hand, Chery Tiggo, coming off of an unexpected defeat to Farm Fresh, hopes to keep up the momentum by outperforming Petro Gazz and ensuring a decisive outcome.

Even though the Angels are excited and have just returned from a week-long break, Eya Laure, Cza Carandang, Ara Galang, Mylene Paat, Aby Maraño, and EJ Laure are eager to show off their previous form against the Cool Smashers.

Petro Gazz, headed by the talented Brooke Van Sickle, with an impressive supporting ensemble that includes Nicole Tiamzon, Jonah Sabete, Michelle Morente, Remy Palma, Jonah Sabete, and Michelle Dacoron.

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