Ready to take on either the F2 or PLDT challenge is Cignal

Jul 30, 2023

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In spite of setbacks and two losses in a row that ended their hopes of winning the championship in the 2023 Premier Volleyball League Invitational Conference, Gel Cayuna and the Cignal HD Spikers are unyielding. Now that they have their sights set on the coveted bronze medal, they are doing everything in their power to win it.

The HD Spikers still have a chance to finish third with their match against Vietnam’s Kinh Bac-Bac Ninh scheduled for Thursday. They quickly outplayed the visiting Vietnamese team, securing a miraculous 25 to 13, 25 to 15, 25-20 victory that earned them a spot in the third-place match set for Sunday.

Even when an opponent stands in their way, the team’s tenacity never wavers. The HD Spikers are strong in their will to give their all on the court as they excitedly anticipate the bronze medal game.

Gel Cayuna, a talented player from Far Eastern University, smiles triumphantly as he recalls their victory over Bac Ninh. The entire team has the same mentality as her, eager to demonstrate their abilities and compete with unyielding zeal for the bronze medal.

The HD Spikers’ journey has been evidence of their resilience and perseverance as they overcame obstacles with a fierce drive to place on the medal podium. They are fully aware that the struggle in the bronze medal match will be harsh, but they are ready to meet it head-on because of their intense desire to leave their imprint on the competition and take home the highly desired bronze medal.

Cayuna led the team’s attack against Kinh Bac with 23 superb sets and contributed five essential points to their victory, demonstrating their unyielding tenacity in their unrelenting pursuit of victory. The HD Spikers are prepared to give their all in the forthcoming game under the direction of head coach Shaq Delos Santos, strengthened by a day of relaxation and recuperation after suffering the taxing conference calendar’s compact schedule.

The Cignal HD Spikers appear poised for success as the bronze medal match looms., Inspite of facing losses and sorrow, the squad has displayed unyielding determination. Although they failed to capture the gold, their resolve to secure the bronze highlights their impressive fortitude and skills as a volleyball team.

Unity of belief among the head coach, players, and fans exists regarding the squad’s prowess. Throughout their competition journey, the HD Spikers have shown remarkable grit and resilience.

The match between Cignal and their determined opponent, whether it be the feisty F2 Logistics or the formidable PLDT, promises to be an exciting sight as anticipation among volleyball fans and supporters grows. Both teams will give it their all on the field, leaving nothing to chance in their quest for the win.

The HD Spikers are fully prepared to give it their all while knowing that the bronze medal match won’t be a piece of cake. The team’s grit and perseverance have drawn praise, and they are now a force to be reckoned with on the volleyball field.

The HD Spikers are prepared to make an impact in the next bronze medal game with their sights set squarely on the medal stand. As Sunday draws near, anticipation grows as spectators anxiously anticipate Cignal’s unquestionable display of brilliance and grit.

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